Holy Hangover: Tips for when the guests have had too much to drink

26 August 2010 By Lucie Ferrer

Alcohol doesn’t discriminate. When it comes to crime and punishment for overindulging, regardless of the amount in your bank account, both rich and poor could wake up the next morning craving a bullet to end the pounding in the head – not to mention the wretched stomach. If you’re dealing with high-maintenance owners or guests who now are even grizzlier since they’re feeling sub-prime, sometimes it can be tempting to accommodate them with the “bullet to the head” cure. However, a little sympathy goes a long way and with the right remedies, the crew can turn what could be the day from hell into a chance to shine.

Dehydration and vitamin depletion are the sources of the headache, nausea and wobbliness associated with hangovers, so pumping fluids and nutrients back into the (im)patients is key to putting back what the party took out. Suggest smoothies or fresh juices as an alternative to solid food for those who don’t yet feel up to it. Fizzy multivitamin tablets dissolved in water are an excellent way to add high doses of “the good stuff” as well as rehydrate. Offer these with breakfast. In extreme cases, combining these with rehydration salts can work hangover wonders in next to no time.

If you’re anchored in an area with lots of swell, then it’s time to relocate to a calmer location. The last thing a fragile stomach needs is to spend the day rolling around on the St. Tropez motorway with 1,000 tenders disrupting their peace. Anti-nausea acupressure wristbands are very effective for some people and ginger and peppermint infusions also have a soothing effect on unsettled stomachs.

Be extra attentive and considerate of how your guests are feeling. Fast/bumpy tender driving, sudden movements or loud noises are all bigger no-nos today than other days. Surprise them with small snack meals between meal services if you find that these are the type of people who eat their way through a hangover.

Dimming the interior lights a little more than usual and turning the A/C down a couple of degrees can alleviate headaches. On deck, have the sun shades out and plenty of cool water available. Offer guests or owners cool or warm, depending on their preferences, face cloths.

Failing all of the above, the greatest hangover cure of all is – of course – the hair of the dog. A Bloody Mary (vodka, tomato juice, Tabasco, celery salt, pepper and worcestershire sauce) is a recovery favorite, packed with vitamins. Try it with V8 for a broader spectrum of vegetable juices. If vodka isn’t their thing, offer a variation such as a Bloody Maria (with tequila) or a Red Snapper, which uses gin.

These tips and tricks will ensure your guests will soon forget their hangovers and get on the case of creating the next one….