Gotcha: Crew Share their Pranks

1 April 2019 By Aileen Mack

Yacht crew work incredibly hard to make sure everyone on board is happy. It can be draining at times, but like everyone else, they enjoy having a little fun between the hectic workload. You know what they say — all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. In light of April Fool’s Day, we asked several crewmembers to share the mischief they’ve got up to on board, including the perennial “calibrating the radar” favorite, or something more subtle. It’s all in good fun as long as no one gets seriously hurt.

“While on a fishing trip, they had put a fish in a Ziploc bag in the ice cooler. I went in for ice, saw it and screamed. I threw ice everywhere.”
Chief Stewardess Jessica Bolivar, M/Y Pepper XIII

“We had a mate who spent a lot of time in the lounge at FLIBS, so we made a missing poster saying, ‘have you seen this crewmember?’ We put them up and down the docks and on board. It took a while for him to notice.”
Engineer Steve Quentel, M/Y Angel Wings

“We sent a green deckhand to get prop wash from the engineer. He just told him that he was out and would have to order some more. He believed him for a couple weeks.”
First Officer Grant Amsterdam, M/Y Aspen Alternative

“On a previous boat the engineer put cling wrap and screwed it into the tap. So when I went to turn it on, the water went straight into me. And we made doughnuts for the boys and instead of cream, we filled it with toothpaste.”
Chief Stewardess Judy Le Riche-Dicks, M/Y Amitié

“During a prank war between two boats, we let a chicken loose on board. It was a wild one while in Key West. I think they still don’t know it was us.”
Bosun Alexa Mant, M/Y One More Toy

“The chief stew is always scaring people. Once I was holding a tray, she scared me and I chipped a tooth. We’ll also radio someone to come, but [the chief stew] was hiding somewhere to scare them.”
Third Stewardess Hallie Schlaeger, M/Y Excellence V

“A former chef blended raw eggs and ice, and I was hungover, so I took a big sip of it thinking it was orange juice.”
Mate John Leighton, M/Y Miss Moneypenny V

As for tips on pulling a prank:
Mate George Sanchez of M/Y Pepper XIII: Put a bucket on one of the lines so they think they’ve got a fish, but nope just a bucket.

Mate Jon Dicks of M/Y Amitié: Scaring people when they least expect it. The tactic is to analyze, approach, and execute. Scare responsibly so no one is ever holding anything or in service.

Share more of your prank stories below.