Gift Guide: 8 Gifts Under $100

16 December 2014 By Hillary Hoffower

Gift giving can be tricky, stressful andtime-consuming…picking out the perfect present at an affordable price can takemore than a little thought. And if you’re scrambling at the last minute, we canhelp. We’ve compiled a feast of gift ideas that will have you checking offevery name on your list, from your crewmembers to your significant other toyour mom…all under $100.

For the Captain

Jewelry can make a thoughtful thank you…and at these prices,won’t overdo it.

Cufflinks are a classic staple and just as a lady can neverhave too many pairs of earrings, a man can never have too many cufflinks…well,maybe to a certain extent. These AnchorsCufflinks in silver from Bluewater Books & Charts will look dapper oncaptain’s cuffs, adding an extra gleam at his wrists for only $74.95. If that’sout of your budget, Bluewater offers them in different styles at various pricesbeginning at $54.95.

For the female captain, an arm party is always fun. Etsy hasmany nautical bracelets at different price points, such as this rosegold chain with an anchor pendant for $29.99 or this nauticalbracelet set for $69. What’s great about Etsy is that all the goods arehandmade by crafters and artists, so you’re bound to find something unique.

For the Chef

The chef’s passion is their craft so get them somethingunusual to make them love the galley even more or will at least bring a smile totheir face when a guest is demanding a 3 a.m. meal. These whale-tailmeasuring cups for $38 from anthropologie.combring a touch of whimsy to the sea and add a splash of fun to your chef’s galley.If you want to go a little bigger, check out UncommonGoods’ Flavors of Americas Salt Collection for $60, which will get yourchef lost in the escapades of cooking experimentation. Browse, and uncommongoods.comfor more quirky chef gifts.

For the Stew

A Spa in the Jar is the perfect gift for the stew who needsa break from pampering others to pamper herself. Stuff a large mason jar with allthings relaxing — a mud mask, nailpolish, nail file, cleansingcream, foot and hand scrubs, lipbalm and mini loofah are just a few soothing “essentials” to include. Ifyou’re in the Caribbean for the season, look out for local shops that sellhandmade soaps and other goodies for an extra touch. Tie your jar with a ribbonand call it a day. Whether the stew is one of your closest friends or you’reher secret Santa, this gift displays a thoughtful gesture at an affordableprice.

For that SpecialSomeone

There’s no sweeter gesture for your significant other than agift that preserves a special memory between the two of you. Shutterfly, a sitethat allows you to do just that by uploading a picture and printing it on avariety of products, is an ideal option. Girlfriends will melt at the sight ofthis keepsake box(only $29.99) featuring their favorite picture, and just how happy would itmake your wife to revisit a wedding photo on this scriptedplaque (prices starting at $19.99)? Evenguys would appreciate the thought behind a photo book (beginning at$11.69) they can look through when missing their loved one.

For the Male in YourLife

This gear is a triple threat. The 3-in-1Hand-Warming Flashlight Phone-Charger is action-packed with multiplepurposes, serving as a phone charger, miniature flashlight and hand warmer.This aluminum cylinder warms up to 104 degrees in less than five minutes andstays warm for up to three hours. Ideal for the bosun or deckhand friend tomake those chillier yacht excursions a little more bearable, or even for yourbrother or dad on those winter nights. Even better is that it’s only $39.95.

For the Female inYour Life

Alex and Ani is a jewelry company that offers bangle charmbracelets featuring a symbol that embodies three qualities intended to empowerand reflect the wearer. With more than 700 bangle styles, you’re guaranteed tofind the perfect match for the female in your life. Your yachtie friend willlove this MermaidCharm Bangle to remind her of the sea’s enchantments, this LotusPeace Petals Charm Bangle is perfect for your mother and your sister willreceive encouragement with this Pathof Life Charm Bangle, all for only $28 each.

For Your Wishlist

The PolaroidCube is weatherproof, splashproof and can handle all of your action — andrecord it. This tiny 35mm lifestyle action video camera, complete with amagnetic bottom for mounting ease, is an efficient and portable device fun forthe quick moments you want to capture. Its ability to take 1080/720p video and6MP still photos is perfect for documenting your favorite travels and actionadventures. Provided in a variety of colors to mirror your style, the PolaroidCube is only $99.99. You’ll be writing this down on your wishlist…or maybe eventreat yourself.

For the Owner Who HasEverything

What to get the owner who has everything? The trick here isto think along the lines of something special and meaningful — something theycan’t necessarily buy for themselves. If you or your crewmembers havedocumented your owner’s trips with photos or recordings throughout the year(s),put together a video for them as a capsule of their best moments. If youhaven’t, it’s a good idea to think ahead for next year. The cost? Priceless.

Check back this week for Dockwalk’sGift Guide Part 2: Gifts Over a $100.