Gift Guide: 8 Gifts Over $100

18 December 2014 By Hillary Hoffower

Sometimes it’s difficult not to give in to the temptation topurchase those pricier items, especially when you’re in pursuit of the perfectpresent. We round up the best gifts that make the splurge worthwhile byproviding the best return for your money.

For the Crew

No uniform is complete without a pair of shades. Besides,you don’t want your crew looking anything less than stellar. They’ll certainlyfeel ready to walk the red carpet in Ray-Ban’s AviatorClassic Sunglasses, which come in a variety of styles beginning at $150,from color rims for the cheerful stew to flash lenses for the charismaticbosun. If those don’t cut if for you, check out Gucci’s32 aviator styles, beginning at $245, which are sure to brighten up anyone’sface in more ways than one.

For the Diver

The dive enthusiast in your life will more than appreciate awatch they won’t find dead after surfacing the salty blue. The CitizenPromaster Depth Meter Chronograph (BJ2115-07E) is solar-powered and water-resistantup to 660 feet, has maximum depth memory and is as stylish as it is functional,with stainless steel black ion plating and blue accents that channel the deephues of the sea. This ultimate dive watch retails for $695 and is marked downto $420.54 on If yourprice point allows you to splurge a little more, check out VictorinoxSwiss Army Men’s Dive Master Black Dial Watch (241355), which is water-resistantup to 1,640 feet and currently on sale at Amazon.comfor $749.50, compared to its $1,195 value.

For the Crewmate

Loafers aren’t just for the land anymore — now they’re forunderwater too. SWIMS loafers are made with multiple ventilation gills toensure comfort and breathability and come in a variety of colors and styles,with something for both the penny loafer kind of guy and lace loafer kind ofgirl. These RaspberryBraid Lace Loafers are a bright, chic option for a stew on a hot summerday, and these NavyLoafers offer a classic, sporty look for the deckhand. Prices start at £119at and $159 at

For the Best Friend

Give your friend the gift of capturing his or her memories withthe Optrix PhotoProXcase for the iPhone 5/5s, the ultimate waterproof case designed to withstandwater immersion up to three feet and with impact protection when dropped from30 feet. Even better is that the Optrix PhotoProX ($149.95) comes with fourinterchangeable lenses that allow its users to take quality photos and video nomatter where they are and what they’re doing. You friend will thank you for allthe new likes it’ll get them on Instagram.

For the First Mate

The BadElf GPS Pro is much more than your average Bluetooth GPS receiver. Its three-inchsize is not only practical, but also full of capabilities that will put a smileon any first mate’s face. Splashproof with an extra-long battery life, plentyof apps and the ability to connect up to five devices at a time via Bluetooth,the GPS Pro ($199.99) is the perfect tool. If that’s not enough of a gift, youcan always go for the BadElf GPS Pro+ ($299.99), which adds GLONASS satellite capability, a USB filesystem to access data logs and a barometric sensor for altitude.

For that Special Lady

Nothing says, “I love you” like a gorgeous pair ofearrings…or at least, that’s how your wife or girlfriend — or mother — willfeel when they lay their eyes upon a pair of these beauties. Whoever the ladyin your life is, take the time to pick out a pair that reflects her personalityso they are a truly meaningful a gift she can wear for years to come. For theclassic, elegant woman, you can’t go wrong with these ChatelaineEarrings by David Yurman for $395, which are offered in pearl and sixdifferent stones depending on your lady’s taste. For a woman who likes a littlemore flair, check out these GaiaPearl Drops from Anthropologie for $238.40, plated in 24k gold and iridescenthues that completely refine costume jewelry.

For that Special Guy

Whether it’s your boyfriend, husband, father or brother,shopping for men always has its challenges. Switch things up a bit this holidayand forgo the standard tie or usual gift that will sit in the closet for therest of year, and get him something nice he can use on a daily basis. Lotuffoffers beautiful handmadeleather cases for both the iPad mini and iPad, ranging from $160-$215.Perfect for the brother whose iPad is a necessity for work meetings or yourdeckhand boyfriend who relaxes with it at the end of the day to catch up onnews and social networking.

For Your Wishlist

You’ll thank yourself later for this splurge-worthy gear —the ECOSTONE BluetoothSpeaker, retailing for $149, will be your favorite musical companion. With12 hours of playtime, an integrated LED flashlight and 100 percent waterproofability that can be submerged up to depths of three feet, this speaker systemwill allow you to enjoy music in all kinds of places and all kinds of weather. Evenbetter is that it comes in four different colors, including camo. So go aheadand pick your poison because your kayaking, paddleboarding and beach trips justgot that much better.