Fitness Tips During Self-Isolation from M/Y Deniki

16 April 2020 By Lauren Beck

So if you’re like most of the world, you might be going a little stir-crazy cooped up at home or on the boat. While we hope you’re taking care of yourself with some good food and distractions, don’t forget to keep moving daily, even if it’s just a walk. If you’re in need of a little inspiration and some help to get started on an exercise routine, the crew aboard M/Y Deniki might have just what you need.

“We have been in the industry for seven years and have a real passion for health and fitness,” says Chief Stewardess Gaby Jardim on M/Y Deniki, who started a fitness Instagram page: @HealthAndFitnessRetreat. “This page was started to document our tips and tricks for staying healthy,” she says. “With the current lockdown we, like everyone else, are finding it hard to stay active and motivated so we wanted to share what we have learned and help people keep themselves healthy and moving!”

Jardim notes that the crew has always enjoyed being active. “We have really found it goes hand in hand with life on board,” she says. “Going for a run has been a great way to not only explore a new destination but also get away from the boat to clear your head and unwind.” Of course, a healthy diet goes a long way to keeping you healthy and fit for duty on a busy superyacht. Jardim and her partner have also both completed gym instructor qualifications and nutrition courses, which led to them offering training to charter guests and the owners.

The vessel is currently on the move from Cairns, Australia, to Cannes, France, and the crew are hosting group workouts every other day for crew, “plus baking some delicious healthy snacks along the way,” Jardim says.

Jardim posts new boat-based workouts with minimal equipment for beginners to intermediate on Instagram. Check them out: @HealthAndFitnessRetreat. In addition to her exercise inspiration, she also offers several tips for crew in quarantine on board.

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Structure your day: “Plan out how you want each hour to be spent and stick to it — this includes chill out time, etc.,” Jardim says.

Reset your circadian rhythm: “Use this time in isolation to get your body’s natural circadian rhythm,” she says. “The National Sleep Foundation recommends you get eight hours’ sleep a night, no more, no less, and keep the timing consistent.”

Learn something new: “Pick a subject and learn about it,” Jardim says. “There are so many great podcasts and free online learning platforms; use this time to improve your personal CV, anything from wine, photography, health, yoga, typing, computer skills. The Internet offers endless options.”

Do a challenge: “We are currently [doing] the thirty-day split challenge; it’s a fun thing to focus on,” she says. As the name implies, this involves a series of exercises and stretches aimed at being able to do the splits.

Set nutritional rules: “Boredom can easily lead to snacking!” Jardim says. “Decide what your normal daily meal plan will look like (including the between meal snacks and treats) and commit to it — this will stop you going to the cookie jar again, and again, and again, and again!”

Drink water: “Aim for at least three liters per day,” Jardim says. “A great tip is to have a liter on your bedside table to drink as soon as you wake up.”