First Season Surprises

6 March 2020 By Aileen Mack

No matter how many stories you hear or how much research you do, nothing can truly prepare you for that first season on board. To really understand the characteristics and demands of the yachting industry, you’ve got to immerse yourself in it. And it’s never short of unpredictable moments, strange requests, and revelations. So what surprised you most after your first season being crew?

“How small the industry really is. After my first season, I was surprised by how many people knew of the boat I was on and how easily you can network.”
Second Stewardess Mary Jane Brown, M/Y Relentless

“How much money goes into a yacht and how it’s unlike any other job, like how you’re on call all the time.”
First Mate Jared Hoskin, M/Y TCB

“You hear about the long hours, but you don’t really feel it until you’re in it.”
Chief Stewardess Karin Leahy, M/Y Picnic

“I expected it to be full speed ahead all the time and that I was not going to sleep at all. But it’s a laidback program and a lot of fun. It’s calm and chill, and a start early, finish early schedule.”
Deckhand Jimmy Schoppy, M/Y Seament

“The amount of food that you don’t end up using and gets thrown away.”
Mate Carlo Smut, M/Y Aurora

“How all the machinery works and it’s just machinery that needs to be maintained. The engineering that goes into it and how it takes a lot of people to make and build it together by hand. It’s amazing.”
Capt. Neill Burger, M/Y Aurora