Crewmember Missing Near Cannes

1 September 2016

The GiveALittle page wasupdated to state that Cochrane’s body was found early September 2, New Zealandtime. According to a HemisphereCrew Solutions’ Facebook post, he was foundunconscious on the seabed.

Local news sources state that details on the incident arestill unknown. Swimming off the yacht was a normal activity and Cochrane wasreportedly a PADI divemaster, skippered dive boats, and had completed anAdventure Tourism Management course in Queenstown.

Friends described Cochrane, nicknamed “Fish” on the boat, asa friendly, supportive, outgoing, and adventurous soul to fact, he helped rescue a bloodied orca entangled in a craypot back in 2012.

Currently, the Cochrane family is focusing on bringing his bodyhome to Hahei, New Zealand, according to the GiveALittle page. All remainingfunds of the $43,274 donated thus far will be dedicated to the ongoing costsfor Cochrane’s family, who thanked everyone for their generosity and support.


According to a GiveALittle page, 24-year-old New Zealand crewmember Rhys Cochrane has gonemissing near the coast of Cannes on August 30. He reportedly was swimming offthe yacht he worked on during his break.

The page reports that Rhys grew up in Hahei, New Zealand,working in a family-owned dive business. An experienced swimmer, it was notunusual for him to swim from the yacht.

The French officials have called off the official searchafter being unable to find him. His family is now seeking donations to fundtheir own private search. Donate here.

YOA Yacht Crew will also be hosting a search party at 8 a.m.on September 2 at the IYCA dock in Antibes, according to their Facebookpost. It states that a helicopter is organized and any help, tenders,divers, food, water, or money is appreciated, the latter of which will gotoward the search.

Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.