Crewmember Gang Raped in Antigua

31 December 2014 By Lauren Beck

According to several reports, a young female crewmember was gang-raped by four men Tuesday morning in Antigua.

The local paper, The Daily Observer, reports that the young woman was walking home in English Harbour when she got into a car with four men. “However, during the drive home, the men allegedly offered her a drink, which she also accepted. It is alleged the men raped the young woman in the vehicle and then left her on the roadside,” the Observer reported. The report stated that she may have been drugged. The paper’s information stems from police comments.

According to a chief stewardess on the island, who is a friend to the victim, the woman was at the Rasta Shack with friends. She left to head home, but never made it. “My friend … was gang raped by four men. She was taken into a car night before last and [they] drove her around all night raping her.

“She hasn’t pressed charges yet, but she does know one of the men in the car,” says the chief stewardess, who also knows one of the men. “Basically, they said jump in the car [and] we will give you a ride home and took her off. The authorities are waiting for her to press charges. She’s pretty shaken up.

“It needs to get heard,” says the chief stewardess. “I would feel bad if it happened again over New Year’s. It’s the third attack in three weeks here.”

When reached, the Antigua & Barbuda Royal Police Force would comment only that they were investigating the matter and could not disclose any information.

More information will be added as it comes available.

To report any incidents, call the local police at: +1 268 462 0125.
Emergency: 999/911

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