Crew with a Cause: School Supplies Delivered!

26 April 2018

M/Y Dorothea III is well known for giving back. The vessel, which has visited 50 countries over the last four years, was instrumental in the 2017 hurricane relief efforts, delivering aid to the Turks and Caicos. They have also previously partnered with Waves for Water to distribute filtration systems to remote locations throughout the South Pacific.

Their current project, which began while they were on the hard in 2017, was to gather 10,000 pounds of school supplies. The crew held a fundraising event to raise both money and to collect school supplies, with the goal of distributing the supplies along their way over the course of their projected two-year trip.

That dream has now come to fruition — earlier this week, the crew organized a drop for school supplies, shoes, and toys to the local indigenous community in Punta Burica, Costa Rica. The vessel worked in conjunction with YachtAid Global (YAG), Bruce Blevins of B B SEAS, local humanitarian Christy Vargas, and Chris Castellanos to coordinate the effort.

“Punta Burica is remote and difficult to get to, especially during the wet season that we’re starting to enter, so the people there greatly suffer. This drop will provide the kids with much-needed shoes and school supplies and is just one small way we can make a positive impact,” said Chief Stewardess Bri McCurdy. “[Capt.] John’s selflessness and drive to help people is contagious,” she continued. “It inspires us to be more than just visitors or tourists and to get involved wherever we go.”

“It was a collaboration across the board and goes to show you what can be accomplished if we all work together,” said Capt. John Crupi. “YachtAid Global has a mission that aligns with that of our crew and we make an effort to support that mission however and wherever we can.”