Crew with a Cause: Dining for Charity

9 January 2018 By Hillary Hoffower

Crew, there’s no need to ask the chef what’s for dinner onJanuary 16. That’s because Chef Charlie Blacker of M/Y Trending has you covered — and for a good cause. He and a team oftalented yacht chefs will be cooking up a storm of Antiguan flavors atCatherine’s Café at 7 p.m. to raise money for hurricane relief.

“The idea is, we’re on these big white 'toys’ and going tothese [ravished] places and [while we’re crossing], we’re all thinking is itgoing to be [in] good taste going over there and feeling a bit awkward, so wewere actually thinking of something we could do to give back to the people,”says the 2016 Antigua Concours de Chef winner. After a couple of ideas, hesettled on a clear victor. "I’m friends with Alex, who owns Sheer Rocks andCatherine’s (in Antigua), and was a judge at [the Concours de Chef] last year,so I thought I’d do a pop-up night and a five-course meal.”

Blacker asked the yacht’s owner if he’d be interested inhelping, and without hesitation, the owner agreed to match whatever was raisedfrom the event as well as cover some of the expenses. “We’ll take over therestaurant for one evening [to raise] money to donate to Antigua & BarbudaSearch and Rescue because they put the money in the right place and they’resuch hard workers and have done so much [for those affected by thehurricanes],” Blacker says.

For $190 tickets (cash only), guests will enjoy an arrivalcocktail, five-course tasting menu with main ingredients sourced from theisland and prepped with modern flair, and a wine pairing. On the menu? Smokedmahi and plantain tostada, callaloo and cocoa ravioli with nutmeg cream,Antiguan clams en papillote, smoky pork rib fillets with sweet potato and slaw,and fresh coconut delice with sweet tamarind and Grenadian cocoa. If yourequire a pescatarian, vegetarian, or vegan menu, all you have to do is givenotice.

Blacker hopes to raise $20,000. Help him by purchasing ticketsfrom M/Y Trending at the Yacht ClubMarina or at Catherine’s Café on Pigeon Beach. Proceeds will go towardrebuilding Barbuda’s communities post-hurricane. Now, that’s a dinner toremember.