Crew Raffles All-Inclusive Holiday On Board

6 January 2020 By Claire Griffiths

Capt. Tristan Mortlock and the crew of M/Y AWOL — the same one that introduced YouTube viewers to the “Super Yacht Captain” channel — have put the yacht up for an all-inclusive holiday via raffle.

The prize holiday, hosted by Capt. Mortlock and approved by the owner of AWOL, is worldwide and was launched early November 2019 through a certified third-party raffle competition organizing company named Raffall.

“It’s a worldwide competition and all the winner needs to do is make sure they’re allowed to travel to Europe and get themselves to their local airport. In the first week, we sold well over one thousand tickets with only two posts advertising the raffle on our social media,” says Capt. Mortlock. “Once we start posting videos on our YouTube platform advertising the raffle, we expect sales to boom.”

Asked why M/Y AWOL dreamed up the idea, the captain explained that their YouTube viewers regularly mentioned that a holiday aboard a superyacht would be their dream. But only 0.1 percent of the world population have the means to consider a holiday on board a superyacht. “I wanted to change that and give your everyday person the opportunity to experience something that otherwise they would never be able to do,” says Mortlock. “Thanks to the reach that we have through the channel, we're in a very fortunate position to offer this raffle.”

Stelios Kounou, founder and CEO of, explains that, “In a space that’s open to fraud and mistrust, we've developed features that help build confidence by providing an ‘escrow’ like service that ensures that users cannot be scammed or cheated when entering competitions hosted using our platform.”

Hosts have no control or influence over winner selection, they are unable to access the ticket revenue until the winners have received their prize, and if the boat holiday doesn’t work out, the winner gets 75 percent of the takings from the raffle as compensation.

Asked what he, the owner, and the yacht hoped to achieve from the enterprise, Mortlock says, “It’s great publicity for the boat and more importantly we’re all about ‘A Way Of Life’ and thinking outside the box,” he says.

Get Granny and the rest of the family to line up, log on, and pay €15, and they could be guests on a seven-day voyage on board the 122-foot San Lorenzo, M/Y AWOL, complete with return flights and meals — chef and crew included.

With tickets sales capped at 40,000, the odds of winning are far higher than winning a national lottery. There is no cut-off date for ticket sales, but the captain is confident that all tickets will be sold before the 2020 summer season.

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