Crew Created: Statement Silk

15 April 2020 By Laura Dunn

Momme, a new retail luxury silk bedding company, was created in November 2019 as a result of a silk pillow purchase.

“The first time I ever saw a silk pillowcase was when working on a yacht,” Founder Megan Offord, a former stewardess, says. “The owner took her silk pillowcase everywhere with her and swore it was the secret that kept her looking so radiant and young.” The future founder bought herself one and also fell in love. “I instantly noticed the difference to my hair and skin; I was waking up feeling so much fresher.”

Although silk is the most expensive fabric to manufacture, Offord says it has many benefits, especially to hair and skin. “Its natural fibers reduce damage and absorb up to thirty percent less moisture, preventing wrinkles and split ends,” Offord says, adding that silk is also naturally temperature-regulating and hypoallergenic, which is great for anyone who experiences skin allergies or hot flushes during the night.

She kept thinking how amazing it would be to have monogrammed pillows. Plus, Offord knew how amazing these would be as turn-down gifts for guests and owners who are always looking for the highest quality and most impressive touches. “I looked everywhere but couldn’t find a brand that readily offered this, so I saw an opportunity,” Offord says. A few weeks later, she collaborated with her best friend, Harriet, to create a brand of monogrammed silk pillowcases, with the caveat that it would have to wait until her yachting career was over. Fortunately, her friend (and future business partner) offered to help, enabling Offord to stay in yachting while her friend took care of logistics in the UK.

“Through yachting, I had saved up a nice amount of money that I intended to use to buy my first property but instead, invested the most part of it in to my new venture,” she says. From there, the small team sourced suppliers and sampled silk to ensure the best quality.

One of the most important aspects of her business practice was to do something great without compromising the planet, so Momme has taken extra time to source recyclable and sustainable packaging. “Apart from the obvious personalized monogramming, something that was really important to me was to create a great product without costing the earth. I think yachting definitely makes you much more environmentally conscious,” she says. “I tested what felt like hundreds of embroidery machines but in the end, found an incredible embroiderer to outsource to.”

She made absolutely certain that from the production of the pillowcases to when they arrive in the customer’s hand, zero plastic was used, Offord emphasizes — all their packaging is 100 percent recyclable from their boxes down to the stickers. “Even our ink is soy-based as opposed to the usual petroleum-based inks,” she says. “That’s something I’m really proud of!”

Momme’s first, core range is 100 percent silk pillowcases in three statement colors. Their newest releases are silk fitted sheets, flat sheets, duvet covers, and bespoke robes. Use the #DOCKWALK10 discount code “for any crew who fancy treating themselves,” says Offord. They offer fast international shipment at a small additional cost. Pillowcases are £59; bedding is custom. For any additional inquiries, you can email Momme at