Crew Created: How to Become a Yachtie

15 September 2020 By Aileen Mack

Former First Mate Nic Rossouw knows time is precious — in fact, he was inspired to write a book detailing everything he thinks aspiring crew should know after spending months answering emails, calls, and texts from those eager to break into the industry. Rossouw thought there had to be an alternative that would make the process easier for everyone involved.

“I figured writing a self-guided handbook on how to get into the industry would be a good idea,” he says. “So I got writing and a year later here we are.” While he has been in the yachting industry for eight years, his last position was First Mate on M/Y M4, leaving in mid-July to concentrate on getting the book published.

His self-published ebook is titled “How to Become a Yachtie,” which includes his own experiences in the industry, mixed in with some wit, advice, and brutal honesty on what to expect. Since its release at the beginning of August, the book has sold almost 200 copies.

“I feel, all in all, it covers all the right bases and offers not only an informative read but an insightful one too,” Rossouw says. “Even for people who have been in the industry for a while as it not only offers guidance on where to begin, but also how to conduct yourself when you've made it into the industry and how to become a well-groomed team player on board a yacht.”

He mentions that although the pandemic has affected everyone, even in the yachting industry, and travel restrictions have obviously made it somewhat difficult getting overseas, he says it seems that there is still plenty of work going around. Rossouw suggests that if you’re an aspiring crewmember, don’t get disheartened by what is going on — keep doing what you are doing and follow the guidelines in the book.

Writing has always been an outlet for Rossouw, so getting to share his yachting knowledge and experiences in a book was particularly enjoyable for him. He started off by writing a series of topics he felt would be good to share, including many that he wished someone had told him about when he first joined the industry. Then he sought out the advice and input from fellow crewmembers.

“This was extremely valuable. I feel that collaborating with other yachties is so important,” he says. “The industry is so diverse; everyone’s experience and knowledge of different programs and destinations have been brought together in the hope of painting a broad picture for newcomers.”

The feedback and support he’s received has been incredibly positive: “Readers of the book feel it covers everything one would need to know to get into the industry. Most of the readers have been particularly pleased with the links to yachting schools, Facebook groups, crew agencies, crew houses, as well as the free to use CV and business-card templates.”

While he currently has no plans to write another book, he is working on another business prospect, which is expected to launch at the end of the year.

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