Crew Created: Bohodacious Deliciousness

25 January 2019 By Lauren Beck

Yacht chefs can make or break a charter. They’re usually unflappable in any food crisis and can whip up a dish before you know the guests want it. But even superheroes need help sometimes — and with today’s fussy eaters, numerous diets, food allergies, and health crazes, a little hand to lighten the load might be welcome.

If you’re looking for a little assistance in the dessert department, Mimmi Fitzgerald has options. Fitzgerald had worked as solo stewardess, cook/stew, and chef on superyachts since 2015 before she turned her attention to creating Bohemian Pantry, which supplies superfood desserts to the yachting industry.

Her inspiration for the business was initially about improving her health and overall wellbeing, “not just superficially, but authentically. [I] truly wanted a change physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually,” Fitzgerald says. “I realized that this is as much about the foods and drinks I ingest as anything else — perhaps even more so.” She embarked on a quest to learn more about inflammation and fundamentally shifted her nutritive lifestyle. “I zenned on superfoods,” she says. “Finding the affiliated and inspirational recipes to cook for my converted lifestyle that [was] everything I looked for: anti-inflammatory, glycemic friendly, gluten free, nutritionally neighborly for the gut, and nutritionally brotherly for the body were easy.” But finding all that in a recipe — “not so much,” she says.

Fitzgerald was driven to create what she could not find for her superfood desserts — “I came up with artful desserts (Boho Gems) with nutrient rich, superfood-centric parameters and made them available for cheerful consumption,” she says. Her ultimate goal in creating Bohemian Pantry was to serve both yacht chefs and guests equally. “I know the needs and demands for my kind of ‘desserts’ that cannot be easily replicated, artfully executed, and profiling all the nutritive desires/needs for many guests,” Fitzgerald says. “Chefs simply do not have the time, perhaps the superfood pairing knowledge (currently), or pantry space in the galley for all the ingredients that go into my Boho Gems — so it’s a win-win situation for everybody.” Fitzgerald’s cheesecakes, tortes, and bundt cake creations include vegan and low-carb options, and all include superfoods and are free of refined sugar.

You can order from Bohemian Pantry through National Marine Suppliers; local orders take approximately 48 hours and times for international orders will be coordinated through National. Each product arrives vacuum-sealed and frozen; just follow the serving directions on the box.