Cocktail Concoctions: Modern Soldier

1 April 2015

Looking to mix things up on board? Jasmin Rutter, chief stewardess on S/YMarie and winner of the 2015 WORLDCLASS Yachting Cocktail Competition, can help you do just that. At thebeginning of every month until she heads to the world championships in SouthAfrica this September, Rutter will share a recipe exclusively with Dockwalk for one of her deliciouscocktails, each sure to get your taste buds tingling.

Served this month is The Modern Soldier, Rutter’s reinvention of the CubaLibre.

“I have namedit the Modern Soldier, as this classic Cuba Libre was a rum and coke with awedge of lime — a popular favorite with the soldiers in Cuba,” says Rutter.“With new mixology in our era, I thought this is a twist on the classic — butstill very easy for people to make and liked by all!”

Go ahead and give it a try:



20ml LimeJuice

25ml ReducedCoca Cola

50ml GoldenRum

Dash ofAngostura Bitters


Rim glass withbitters.

Shake lime,cola reduction and rum over ice.

Strain overglass full of ice.

Garnish withlime twist.

To makeReduced Cola:

Use one canof Coca Cola, which has cane sugar, NOT high fructose corn syrup.

Pourcontents of can into a pot and simmer until it is reduced by half.

Refrigerateor use as soon as cooled.

Inspired to experiment with a cocktail of your own? Enter Mixing It UpOn-Board, an online cocktail competition held by The Crew Academy and Rutter.Craft a cocktail by the yacht that inspires you, snap a photo of it and post itand the recipe on Instagram or the Mixing It Up On-Board Facebook page with the hashtag #theroamingmixologistcomp2015. You must also tag TheRoaming Mixologist, The Crew Academy, Shore Solutions and Dockwalk in your photo. For full entry details, check out the Facebook page or read here.