Cocktail Concoctions: Half Time

2 July 2015

S/Y Marie’s ChiefStewardess Jasmin Rutter draws inspiration from more than one element in thismonth’s cocktail. Called Half Time, the cocktail was aptly named for beingcreated halfway through 2015 and for its abundance of orange, which is whatRutter was given to snack on during half time of sports games back home.

“This is a strong, but very tasty summer cocktail,” saysRutter. “A great drink to offer guests after dinner instead of tea or coffee inthe summer. No doubt charter guests will also love it in comparison to a drinkon the rocks.”



40ml Bourbon (suggested: BULLEIT)

15ml Orange Liqueur (Rutter used a local liqueurfrom Sollér)

10ml Port (suggested: a rather sweet one)

2 dashes of Orange Bitters (suggested:'Bitter Truth')


Stir ingredients in a mixing glass withice for 20 to 30 seconds. Dilution of the ice into the cocktail is importantbecause the drink needs water as a component.

Serve in a chilled glass.

Orange peel to garnish. Squeeze orangepeel oils into the glass and run peel around the lip to add extra scent.