Cocktail Concoctions: Do NOT Shake It Rosemary

3 November 2015

This Bond-inspired martini from S/Y Marie’s Chief Stewardess Jasmin Rutteris a twist on the classic cocktail.

“I love the aroma from the rosemary andthe texture of the foam in this Martini,” Rutter says.

The Do NOT Shake It Rosemary


Infuse fresh rosemary into 200ml of waterand dissolve 1 tsp of sugar

When cool, add 1/4 tsp of sucro powder

“Whiz this up with a handheld electricbeater,” recommends Rutter. “I find it best to leave it overnight and usethe solution the following day.”


60ml Tanqueray Ten Gin

10ml Dry Vermouth


Stir in a chilled mixing glass for atleast 30 seconds or until you have reached the desired dilution

Julep strain into chilled glass

Whiz foam to create a head that does notdissipate and spoon on top

“Tanqueray Ten is a great gin for aMartini as it has solid citrus notes, and the rosemary balances perfectly withthe herbal notes,” says Rutter.

She notes that the cocktail needs nogarnish, but suggests a lemon twist or rosemary sprig pegged to the side of theglass should you want one.