Charter Itinerary Offers Solution for Captain’s Charter Planning

24 April 2023 By Gemma Harris
Snapshots of Charter Itinerary
Courtesy of Charter Itinerary

The yacht charter planning process can be lengthy and frustrating for captains. But Charter Itinerary, launched in 2021, has the antidote, and their solution is revolutionizing the charter preparation and planning process.

Co-founded by yachting professionals Boris De Bel and Candice Christiansen, the company has already onboarded 9 out of the 12 largest superyacht companies and has expanded its own marketing and sales team. Christiansen explains this growth aligns with their “continual evolution as a software.”

Captains can create bespoke and professional itineraries using the Itinerary module with auto-generated AI content and interactive maps or choose one of the hundreds of sample itineraries. The fast and easy-to-use software breaks the process down into seven steps. Once an itinerary is sent, clients can comment on changes, and captains are notified of this.

“Charter Itinerary is quick and saves me so much time; simplicity is its best feature. We work in such a fast-paced environment that changes every hour, so being able to edit things with the click of a button is a game changer,” says Capt. Owain Rowlands of M/Y Gladiator.

As well as the content, an integrated tool calculates cruising distances and yacht fuel consumption between destinations, and automatically updates with any changes. This additional tool enables captains to showcase how charters will run, transforming the planning process into an easy and collaborative one.

The platform has simplified the antiquated process of long and clunky email chains with large attachments, creating a professional and interactive process for all, “rather than an Excel or Word document, this interactive solution is very professional,” says Capt. Rowlands.

After the success of this first “Itinerary” module, Charter Itinerary launched its second module, “Proposals,” in January, which allows charter brokers to send clients available yachts during the inquiry stage.

Charter Itinerary continues to update the platform consistently, and the launch of the “Bookings” module this month, alongside a preference sheet generator, APA calculator, and contract management tool is evidence of this, fulfilling their aim to become a one-stop shop offering a complete booking management tool for the yacht charter market.


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