Capt. Neil Emmott in Need of Organ Transplant

10 May 2017

Capt. Neil Emmott has serviced the yachting industry formore than 25 years, and now, he needs its help in return. Emmott was recentlydiagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease, the last stage of Chronic KidneyDisease, which causes kidneys to permanently fail.

Emmott now is in needof a kidney transplant from a living donor as soon as possible, which can givehim a higher long-term survival rate. Two family members have been tested for organdonation, but they’re not a match.

Help Emmott find a suitable donor by sharing this news withothers. There are no donor costs associated with kidney donation, and his wife,Lisa, a former chief stewardess, has been through the donor process and cananswer any questions. Email her at findakidney2neil@gmail.comor +1 954 205 0067, or visit their donor page tofind out more.

Help save a life.

Photo: Alison Frank Photography