Brewery Turns Cereal Into Beer

12 August 2019 By Laura Dunn

A craft brewery in Manchester, England, has taken a stand against discarded cereal in an effort to provide a solution to the waste issue. Last year, Seven Bro7hers Brewery partnered with Kellogg’s to create Throw Away I.P.A., which is a smooth, mellow beer made from Corn Flakes that didn’t make the cut at the factory. In June, they released two other beers made with Kellogg’s cereal: a pale ale made from Rice Krispies, as well as a dark stout taken from the chocolate flavor of Coco Pops.

Keith McAvoy, director and founder of Seven Bro7hers Brewery, says they launched the first upcycled Kellogg’s Corn Flakes craft beer in November 2018. The public and media interest was incredible, which opened up opportunities to partner with the cereal brand and be part of their global sustainability program — which lines up with their own sustainability goals as they are huge advocates of raising awareness about the global issue of food waste and its effect on climate change.

“We take an allocation of cereal that has not made it into the box from Kellogg’s and use [it] in our brewing process,” explains McAvoy. “At the end of the brew, the spent grain is then used by local farmers for animal feed.”

The family’s 11 siblings include four sisters who run a distillery. “We have a strong family ethos and this is portrayed in all we do,” McAvoy says. Part of the reason this family-owned business exists is due to how their dad inspired them with his home brewing when they were growing up. “In 2014, after a couple of successes and failures, we finally created our family of beers that reflect our passion, honesty, and hard work.”

Their passion is quite clear: “So much more goes into every batch of our beer than just malt and hops,” says McAvoy. “Whether it’s a beer from our core range, a collaboration brew, or a limited edition, we choose the finest ingredients from our suppliers and never compromise on quality.”
In addition to the aforementioned brewery, the family also owns a beerhouse in Manchester and plan to open three more within the next year.

Previously, according to The New York Times, the American cereal brand sent more than 5,000 tons of wasted flakes a year to local farms so it could be fed to livestock. Now, a portion of that goes to Seven Bro7hers, and Kellogg’s is talking with a local bakery to do the same.

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Picture credit: Courtesy of Seven Bro7hers Brewery