IYC Partners with Common Seas to Help Reduce Plastic Consumption

21 June 2023 By Staff Report
A beach covered in plastic trash and debris.

IYC has partnered with Common Seas, a UK nonprofit working to reduce the amount of plastic produced and halt plastic pollution.

According to a press release from IYC, Common Seas “focuses on influencing plastic policy nationally and internationally, as well as working with businesses and governments on a practical level to reduce plastic use.” They created PlasTICK, a digital solution to help companies measure their plastic consumption and implement reduction strategies.

IYC is taking steps to increase sustainability in company operations, promote best practices in yachts within its fleet, and raise awareness. “The company will work collaboratively with Common Seas to raise awareness of their initiatives and support fundraising efforts,” the press release states.

“The reward of spending time on the water comes hand-in-hand with the responsibility of playing our part in protecting our marine environment,” says Raphael Sauleau, IYC’s CEO, in the press release. “I strongly believe in Common Seas’ mission, and I look forward to working closely together to help further advance their initiatives.”

Jo Royle, founder and CEO of Common Seas, said: “Seeing the devastating effects of plastic in our oceans as a professional skipper was what spurred me to take action and found Common Seas, so I know IYC and its clients around the world will be passionate about tackling this issue.” 


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