A Magical Day: FLIBS Top Notch Tabletop

4 November 2019 By Aileen Mack

The interior crew created magical worlds of wonder for the 6th annual Aqualuxe Outfitting’s Top Notch Tabletop competition at the 2019 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. They set extraordinary interior and outdoor tables, complemented with creative menus, beverages, and artistic napkin folds.

A panel of seven experts were tasked with the difficult job of determining which would take home a prize. Fourteen yachts participated in the competition on November 1, with its “A Magical Night” theme. While each of the participants could have easily won, some tables set themselves apart with a little extra sparkle from bubbling dry ice to risking getting sand on board for the sake of a beautiful table.

The title of best beverage presentation went to Chief Stewardess Kylie Pool and Stewardess Krystine Barnard of M/Y Coy Koi for their refreshing Genie’s Magic Potion, made with white rum, prosecco, blackberry syrup, blue Curaçao, soda water, lime, mint, and garnished with blackberries. Chief Stewardess Erin Wilks and Third Stewardess Alyssa Blake of M/Y Qing took the win for most artistic napkin fold, having the napkin be the bottom of a witch's broom to complete their spooky table.

Chief Stewardess Mariel Correa, Second Stewardess Brooke Smith, and Third Stewardess Kate Freeman of M/Y Sotavento won stylish menu design with their interactive menu that displays each course through a cut-out window — turning it shows the next menu item. The award for tip of the day went to Chief Stewardess Petronela Sivakova, Stewardesses Victoria Rowley, Mimi Trung, and Danielle Hadlington of M/Y Sovereign: The wine glass company RIEDEL also has polishing cloths that can be used on windows, mirrors, stainless, and marble. You don’t have to use any product, just water.  

Top creative centerpiece went to the team of M/Y MAG III — Chief Steward Nico Van Der Westhuizen, Stewardesses Chenelle Godfrey, and Kerry Langschmidt — who created a fall scene with colorful leaves and wooden boxes filled with flowers hovering over the table and owls made from pumpkins and sunflowers. One look at the table and there’s no surprise that it also took the award for first place in the Stylish Outdoors category, which also featured an apple napkin fold and origami pumpkins hiding the menu inside. When presenting the table, Van Der Westhuizen said it represented the changing of the seasons and fall encroaching on everything. All the plants in the setting are real with the exception of one (the orchid).

Chief Stewardess Madison MacLeod, Second Stewardess Summer Meili, and Deck/Stew Colleen Meehan of M/Y Hospitality took second place with their playful beach paradise — a sandcastle at the center (yes, with real sand), surrounded by starfish, shells, and cute octopi; blue, teal, and white rocks representing water coming in; and a Styfrofoam moon “rising” at one end of the table. Third place went to Chief Stewardess Kelly Olejniczak, Second Stewardess Lymne Tanes, and Third Stewardess Lexi Wilson of M/Y Claire for their ocean-themed setting complete with coral napkin rings, starfish, shells, and a mini treasure chest filled with gold coins.

For Luxe Interiors, first place went to Stewardesses Nadine Imfeld, Ana Sanchez, and Lucia Turner of M/Y Andiamo for their setting with a genie lamp and pink and blue florals at its center. Chief Stewardess Monica Bolet of M/Y My Maggie was awarded second place for her Beauty and the Beast themed table, featuring red roses, books, candelabras, clock, and tea cup. Third place was awarded to Chief Stewardess Morgan Brawley and Stewardess Jessie Sahaydak of M/Y Three Sons for their table with a ship’s wheel centerpiece filled with moss, orange florals, and candles.

The team that competed in every category and won the award for overall design was Chief Stewardess Bintu Omagbemi, Second Stewardess Zia Pypers, and Third Stewardess Jen Walker of M/Y Excellence. The interior table was adorned with blue, purple, and white florals, along with an origami flower that unfolds to showcase the menu and a lovely peacock napkin fold, while the exterior table was a pixie playground accented with copper plates, napkin rings, and wire balls hanging from the ceiling.

Congrats to all the winners and participants for their top-notch work. Be sure to check out the Top Notch Tabletop Facebook and website for future competitions at upcoming boat shows, along with photos of all the tables. We look forward to seeing you there.

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