2010 World Superyacht Awards Finalists Announced

27 January 2010 By Staff Report

After receiving more than 100 nominations, Boat International Media (BIM) announced the finalists for the 2010 World Superyacht Awards. The winners will be revealed at the ceremony on Saturday, May 22 at London's Guildhall.

BIM will present Neptune Awards in 14 categories. Judges, consisting of owners and industry professionals visit the various nominated yachts and read over statements, recommendations and spec sheets with photos in order to make informed decisions. In early spring they convene to begin the deliberation process.

Of the 14 categories, 10 awards will go to the owner of the winning yacht, while four are individual awards: Achievement Award, presented to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the industry; Young Designer of the Year Award, which recognizes an exceptional new designer in the yachting scene; The Voyagers Award, given to an owner who has done extensive cruising and exploration in previous years; and The Judges’ Special Award.

The yacht award categories are:

Best Displacement Motor Yacht of 1,300 Gross Tons and above (approx. 63m+)

Best Displacement Motor Yacht of between 500 and 1,299 Gross Tons (approx. 50-62m)

Best Displacement Motor Yacht of below 500 Gross Tons (approx. 30-49m)

Best Semi-displacement or Planing Motor Yacht in the 40m+ size range

Best Semi-displacement or Planing Motor Yacht in the 30m to 39m size range

Best Sailing Yacht in the 45m+ size range

Best Sailing Yacht in the 30m to 44m size range

Refitted Yacht of the Year

The Motor Yacht of the Year and Sailing Yacht of the Year will be chosen from the finalists in all cagetories.

This year will  see some changes to the World Superyacht Awards program. In a recent press release, BIM said, “As the superyacht industry has grown and developed over the years, we feel that the yachts and the designers and craftsmen behind their construction deserve to be recognized specifically in the areas of interior design, styling, innovation and technology.”

And for this reason, BIM has created the ShowBoats Design Awards. The award ceremony will take place on Friday, October 26, 2010 at the Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump’s private members club, in Palm Beach, Florida, and will incorporate the individual design categories from the World Superyacht Awards as well as new categories, including the Design and Technology Award, Most Innovative Interior Layout Award and Best Tender Design Awards for both sports and limousine tenders.

And now for the World Superyacht Awards finalists, drum roll, please….

Best Displacement Motor Yacht of 1,300GT and above (approx. 60-85m+)

Name: Northern Star
Length: 75.40m
Builder: Lürssen Yachts

Name: Silver Angel
Length: 64.50m
Builder: Benetti

Name: Trident
Length: 65.22m
Builder: Feadship – Royal van Lent

Name: Vibrant Curiosity
Length: 85.47m
Builder: Oceanco

Best Displacement Motor Yacht of 500GT to 1,299GT (approximately 50m – 62m)

Name: Arkley
Length: 60.00m
Builder: Lürssen Yachts

Name: Candyscape II
Length: 61.80m
Builder: Viareggio Superyachts

Name: Cloud 9
Length: 60.00m
Builder: CMN

Name: Elandess
Length: 60.00m
Builder: Abeking & Rasmussen

Name: Hurricane Run
Length: 53.50m
Builder: Feadship – Kon. De Vries

Name: Leo Fun
Length: 53.90m
Builder: Proteksan Turquoise

Name: Slipstream
Length: 60.00m
Builder: CMN

Name: Unity (ex-Addiction)
Length: 52.30m
Builder: Amels

Best Displacement Motor yacht of below 500GT (30m to approximately 49.9m)

Name: Blind Date
Length: 47.00m
Builder: Heesen Yachts

Name: Kathleen Anne
Length: 39.00m
Builder: Feadship – Kon. De Vries

Name: Katya
Length: 46.03m
Builder: Delta Marine

Name: Loretta Anne
Length: 40.00m
Builder: Alloy Yachts

Name: Northlander
Length: 38.16m
Builder: Moonen Shipyards

Name: Odessa
Length: 49.50m
Builder: Christensen Yachts

Name: Sycara IV
Length: 46.10m
Builder: Burger Boat Company

Best Semi-Displacement or Planing Motor Yacht in the 40m+ size range

Name: Blind Date
Length: 48.90m
Builder: Trinity Yachts

Name: Blink
Length: 41.00m
Builder: Cantieri di Pisa

Name: Celestial Hope
Length: 47.00m
Builder: Heesen Yachts

Name: Cover Drive 2
Length: 41.10m
Builder: Palmer Johnson

Name: Flying Dagger
Length: 41.00m
Builder: Cantieri Navali Codecasa

Name: Miss Michelle
Length: 40.00m
Builder: Westport

Name: My Petra
Length: 44.00m
Builder: Heesen Yachts

Name: TaTii
Length: 40.50m
Builder: Tamsen Yachts

Best Semi-Displacement or Planing Motor Yacht in the 30m to 39m size range

Name: Espresso
Length: 37.18m
Builder: Horizon Group / Drettmann

Name: FX
Length: 37.19m
Builder: Sanlorenzo

Name: Leonardo
Length: 30.75m
Builder: Azimut Yachts

Name: Musa
Length: 36.20m
Builder: AB Yachts

Name: Nena
Length: 36.13m
Builder: Cantieri di Pisa

Name: Phoebe
Length: 30.15m
Builder: Moonen Shipyards

Name: Predator 130
Length: 38.62m
Builder: Sunseeker International

Name: Toby
Length: 31.10m
Builder: Cerri Cantieri Navali

Best Sailing Yacht in the 45m+ size range

Name: Baracuda
Length: 50.00m
Builder: Perini Navi

Name: Ethereal
Length: 58.04m
Builder: Royal Huisman

Name: Nazenin V
Length: 52.00m
Builder: RMK Shipyard

Name: Riela
Length: 56.00m
Builder: Perini Navi

Name: Salperton IV
Length: 45.07m
Builder: Fitzroy Yachts

Best Sailing Yacht in 30m to 44m size range

Name: Bliss
Length: 36.80m
Builder: Yachting Developments

Name: Chrisco
Length: 30.48m
Builder: CNB

Name: Cinderella IV
Length: 39.00m
Builder: Vitters Shipyard

Name: Hanuman
Length: 42.10m
Builder: Royal Huisman

Name: Indio
Length: 30.50m
Builder: Wally Yachts

Name: Jazz Jr.
Length: 32.89m
Builder: Makinel Construction Co Inc

Name: Liara
Length: 32.00m
Builder: Southern Ocean Marine

Best Refitted Yacht

Name: Freedom
Length: 31.70m
Refit Yard: McMillen Yachts

Name: Juliet
Length: 43.58m
Refit Yard: Royal Huisman

Name: Necker Belle
Length: 32.00m
Refit Yard: Azzura Shipyard

Name: Pegasus
Length: 52.25m
Refit Yard: Feadship-De Vries

Name: Shenandoah of Sark
Length: 44.20m
Refit Yard: Orams Marine Services

Name: William Tai
Length: 40.68m
Refit Yard:Royal Huisman