Fast & Fun: The Coolest Yacht Toys for 2022

16 June 2022By Staff Report

The superyacht toy business has lots to offer the toy chest on board with must-have water toys. Take your pick of options to enjoy the water, from spending a lazy afternoon soaking up the sun on the lounging inflatables to getting the heart pumping on a jet board ride above the water to a fast and fun SEABOB cruise under water. Here's our pick of the latest and greatest water toys guaranteed to increase the fun for your guests.

AquaBanas Social Bana Deck, Jumbo Lounger, and Bana Tent

In June, AquaBanas launched their Recreational Line to enhance your summer experience. Made up of six items at launch, including their deck, tent, and lounger, all of these are modular and can connect to each other to create a wide variety of configurations. It holds six to eight people; the lounger adds an additional capacity for four.

The Social Bana Deck, Jumbo Lounger, and Bana Tent all connect to make for an amazing experience for charter guests (or crew who manage to sneak time off the yacht when no one else is around).

The modular pieces are designed for boats and tenders under 80 feet. It takes just 15 to 20 minutes to inflate and deflate and can be easily managed with a crew of two. 

Aqua Race Kart

What’s better than riding a GoKart at an amusement park? Riding a GoKart on the water! Aqua Race Kart, a GoKart-inspired watercraft company, released their new product in February at the Miami boat show through Nautical Ventures, their exclusive Florida dealer in this new partnership.

It has a Rotax 900 ACE jet propulsion system and features a foot-operated throttle, digital gauge cluster, adjustable steering and seating, and onboard dry storage. It also has shifting for neutral, forward, and reverse drive. You have options for custom graphics, various seat sizes, and Rotax 900 ACE Engine (60 or 90). Designed to have a uniquely lower center of gravity for unmatched stability and performance, the Aqua Kart hull operates in calm water — it’s not intended for use in choppy or rough water conditions. $22,000, plus $1,000 shipping.

F-One Rocket Air 2021

Add a foiling board to the toy box that is versatile to accommodate different sports and all types of guests and riders with F-One’s Rocket Air range. Starting at 4’10” to 7’11”, their boards can be used for whatever sport suits the mood best, including surf-foiling, SUP-foiling, wing-foiling, wind-foiling, or kite-foiling. Nearly indestructible and made with some extra padding if you fall, Rocket Air boards are made using high-grade dropstitch, adding stiffness to control the board properly and lightweight to make it fun and easy to handle. €659. 

Credit: LJ Strike, Courtesy of FunAir

FunAir Modular Beach Club Sea Pool with Jet Ski Dock

The limit of activities that can be enjoyed on the water doesn’t exist with the FunAir Modular Beach Club Sea Pool. Pictured is the custom-built version and a Jet Ski dock for M/Y Nomad with a nonslip, teak-look finish. Numerous set ups can be deployed quickly and easily with this pool configuration, so the watersports and activities planned can begin even sooner. Built in four separate sections, it’s easy to clean and pack away, even with minimal crew. 

Onean Carver X

Looking for a little more oomph on the water? The new Onean Carver X offers double the power — 10kW — of its predecessor, the Carver Twin model. This is an added benefit to allow riders weighing more than 90 kilograms to quickly and easily reach the plane. The dual jet propulsion system comes with two batteries, with a ride time of approximately 40 minutes of mixed speed use and a top speed of around 45 kilometers per hour. As with all of Onean’s products, the batteries and remote control are the same for each model, so they can be easily interchanged. You can select between five power levels and control your pressure settings to create the perfect ride. €10,990.


Soar across the water at a force of 745 newtons on the new SEABOB F5 SR — that’s 265 more than the F5 model. The eco-friendly toy has an emission-free E-Jet Power System and the F5 SR’s HD camera in the nose lets you record amazing video footage while sailing underwater through your stunning surroundings. This new model offers more driving stability with its two rear fins, which also improve its maneuverability during any dive. €14,935.

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