The Ultimate Yacht Toy Collection for 2021

15 September 2021 By Tom McGhie

The superyacht toy business is enjoying somewhat of a renaissance with new must-have water toys popping up every day. Never before have we had so many ways to enjoy the ocean, from gigantic inflatable paddleboards to zippy electric surfboards. Here's our pick of the latest and greatest water toys guaranteed to put a smile on your guests‘ faces.

Red Ride XL Paddleboard

Over five meters long and 1.5 meters wide, the Ride XL paddleboard can carry up to eight people. With an inbuilt “indestructible” iFin system, the board is highly resistant to damage and is the perfect vessel to explore quiet coves with friends — they do say adventures are meant for sharing. With several air valves, you can get your guests out on the water quicker than ever.

Manta5 Hydrofoiler XE-1

Designed and developed in New Zealand, the Hydrofoiler XE-1 is the world’s first waterproof E-bike, replicating the cycling experience on the water. Users stand up on the bike and pedal through the waves, though designer Guy Howard-Willis thinks the Manta5 is “more an airplane than a bike." Battery-powered propellers generate significant thrust at low speeds and then the rest is up to you, the peddler. A fine workout — plus, there’s no traffic out on the waves.

Orca Electric PWC

The Orca Electric PWC is the Jet Ski of the future. With no fuel, no engine maintenance, and an easy charging system, the Orca gives you two hours of riding without stress. Top speeds of 49 knots are possible, along with a range of 27 nautical miles. It takes just three hours to charge and then you’re off on a silent operation; the Orca Electric PWC makes no noise at all as it punches through the waves.

Series 2 Fliteboard

Race across the water at speeds in excess of 30 miles per hour aboard the Fliteboard. This electric foil board uses intuitive Bluetooth controls to deliver an agile, responsive, and fearless ride. The Flite App helps improve your experience on the water — users can measure performance statistics such as distance, speed, roll, pitch, power, and battery statistics. Plus, you can replay and share your ride using GPS Flite Track. Fliteboard also introduced True Glide this year, which is a free-spinning propeller with one-way bearing for powered offwave rides. Choose from several colors and finish options. Priced from $12,995.

Seabob F5SR

Tipping the scales at approximately 35kg, the Seabob F5 SR is the featherweight champion of yacht toys. Its low weight combined with a hydrodynamic shape gives it outstanding agility in the water. SeaBob’s latest chrome design is propelled by an E-Jet power system which provides speeds of 22km/h on the surface and an impressive 20km/h underneath the waves.

Red Shark Bike Board 

Half paddleboard, half bicycle, the inflatable Red Shark Bike Board is perfect for every member of the family and comes in three different models, “Enjoy,” “Fitness,” and “Adventure.” Each one is custom-built for the task at hand and is a great tool for those looking to squeeze in a morning cycle when there is no land in sight. These bikes are eco-friendly, easily portable, and don’t need tools in order to work — ideal for a quick jaunt around the coastline.

Yamaha RDS 280 Seascooter

Lightweight and efficient, the Yamaha RDS 280 Seascooter has a run time of up to an hour and a half while cruising at speeds of 2.8 mph. Perfect for recreational diving and snorkeling adventures, it can plumb depths of up to 30 meters. There’s also a mount for a GoPro camera (not included); your post-holiday video presentations just got classy. Priced from $610.00

Triton 660/2

An entry-level submersible, the Triton 660/2 has the power of the Triton 3300/3 but in a new, sleek format and body. Perfect for a two-person exploration of the ocean, this compact submersible can easily integrate into tender garages and is ideal for either new builds or existing superyachts. With over a decade of being championed by the industry, the 660/2 rivals even flagship models.

SubBlue Navbow Underwater Sea Scooter

With its state-of-the-art design, the Navbow is the go-to underwater scooter. A powerful three-speed switch allows underwater travel up to two meters per second. A long deep dive is very possible with the Navbow’s waterproof batteries that will go the full 60 minutes. Plus, you can capture your underwater escapades by attaching an action camera to the SubBlue photography platform. Priced from $999.


Sea Doo’s Wake has an inbuilt 100W Bluetooth audio-premium system so you can ride to the beat of your own drum (okay, other people’s drums). The new and improved swim platform at Wake’s rear is now more stable and flatter, meaning it’s now ideal for lounging and prepping for water sports. A Rotax 1630 ACE 170 HP engine also features, giving plenty of thrust through the waves.


This inflatable sailing boat is in its element in both quiet waters and manic waves. It sails well upwind thanks to a large centerboard and V-shaped hull, while also a real delight downwind with a wide-open transom. At only 50kg, the Tiwal can even plane, and with a sail of 5.2 sqm, you’ll be able to reach speeds of up to 15 knots. Priced from $6,010.


The little sibling of WAKE, Sea Doo’s SPARK has seating for two to three people and sports a ROTAX 900 ACE 60 HP engine. Using just 2.4 gallons per hour, it’s the most fuel-efficient engine on the market. The polytec hull is robust and high-strength, while the color-in molding makes it more scratch-resistant than fiberglass.

Lift3 eFoil

Looking for a new toy to entice guests into the water? The LIFT eFoil, a surfboard propelled by an electric propeller, has a new offering this summer. The new LIFT3 and LIFT3 Elite eFoil, which launched just a few months ago, is greatly improved — it’s faster, lighter, more durable, and offers an improved battery for ride times of 120 minutes at 30 miles per hour. The new models have four available size options, with new shapes for better maneuverability, plus nine advanced hydrofoil wing options. Like all models, the eFoil has a lithium-ion battery and the electric motor is mounted on an all-carbon hydrofoil. These toys are the perfect combo for crew — fun for guests to ride and easy to store and maintain for the crew. Prices range from $10,900 to $14,000.

Funair Splash Island

For those guests who need to cool off without dunking themselves in the ocean, FunAir’s Splash Island will do the trick. The six bolsters are positioned for guests to recline and relax with great arm-and-back support. Crew can easily anchor the island in the water to their yacht or tender. The splash pool is a 15-cm deep circular pool in the center that’s made for dipping and cooling. “The Splash Island was built in partnership with our FunAir Ambassador Jessica Hansen from M/Y Alani who is a very hands-on yacht manager,” says John Courtney, MD of FunAir. “It was designed with crew in mind and can be deployed with just a couple of people in around ten minutes.” The first Splash Island was built in February and officially launched in March.

Deep Trekker Revolution NAV ROV

The carbon fiber, anodized aluminum, and stainless-steel Deep Trekker Revolution NAV ROV can dive to 1,300 meters, driven by six powerful thrusters (two vertical, four horizontal). Thanks to its quick-change batteries, it can be back at work in no time after its eight hours of operation time per charge has elapsed. A floating transducer means you can see the drone’s position on Google Maps, and it will leave a digital trail to show where it has been, as well as marking points of interest.

AquaBanas Pop3 Pool

It’s as easy as 1…2…3... The POP3 (Pop Out Pool — which comes in three parts) Pool became “a massive hit because it’s a fully functional yacht pool that breaks into three pieces and is much easier to handle and store on board a yacht,” says Mark Anastasia. The POP3 Pool also acts as a frame that allows any other AquaBanas components to easily connect in various locations, allowing the yacht to build exactly what they need. There are currently 16 standard AquaBanas pieces that can be fitted to each other with the built-in universal connection system. The pool, which the company says launched at FLIBS 2020, is a hit with charter yachts that love the POP3 Pools in particular. “We have now sold over 200 AquaBanas systems globally in the last 18 months and the products are super hot,” says Anastasia. All AquaBanas systems can be custom-made with various sizes, colors, and logos added.


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