Top 10 Instagram Accounts for Stews to Follow

23 August 2021 By Aileen Mack
yacht table with watermelon slices, apple, and pink and orange flowers
Photo: @stems_and_things_at_sea

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There’s no denying the talent and creativity that yacht stews have and put into their theme parties, tablesettings, and décor on board. But sometimes, you run into blocks and can’t think of anything new, redoing the classics. If you’re in need of a daily dose of inspiration for your next theme, check out the accounts below and consider adding their lovely posts to your feed.

The Stew Table | @thestewtable

While each of the interior team who run the account are all on their own amazing journeys, they’re still coming together to run it. Each of the tables are beautiful, simple, and elegant. Trist, Alessia, and Wendy set great tables from the napkin folds and centerpiece to the little details like mini Italian flags.

The Floating Table | @the_floating_table_

The interior team of M/Y Illusion V are bringing you aboard virtually by showing off their creations. Drawing inspiration from destinations, the colors around them — and even McDonald’s — these girls definitely have tablescaping and teamwork down.

Natalie Atkinson | @natsonyachts

The British Second Stewardess Natalie is sharing her fabulous tables and creativity through Insta, along with the stories of how some of them came to be, including inspiration from her fellow crew like when the chefs suggested an American theme because they were doing burgers and fries with milkshakes. Then Natalie said, “Hawaii is American, right?” 😂 Her captions always add some wonderful color to the posts.

Stewardess Finesse | @stewardessfinesse

Through the page, Chief Stewardess Kate posts her tips, tricks, and ideas, alongside her tablescapes on board and beach setups. And while fruit and flowers always look beautiful at the center of the table, she also changes it up with earthy elements or a shipwrecked theme for a lunch, featuring sea shells, sea glass, and pirate jokes like, “What do you call a pirate with three eyes? Piiirate!”

The Nautitable | @thenautitable

Posting fabulous and beautiful tables, The Nautitable makes multiple posts of each to make sure they display all the details that went into their creations. They also share tips like how a Mad Hatter’s tea party theme is a great way to use up any flowers that are going bad, or cute creative ideas like sundaes on a Sunday with ice cream bouquets (flowers in ice cream cones in a vase).

Decoatsea | @decoatsea

As they travel around the Med, Stewardess Megan is creating tropical gardens and bringing the sea to the table. Not only is she posting up their imaginative tables, she shares her favorite things each week, whether it’s a particular item or tables from events, passing along the inspiration to her followers.

Stems and Things at Sea | @stems_and_things_at_sea

Chief Stewardess Kerri is sharing her passion for florals and creating through her page. Each of the elegant tables she creates often has a touch of natural elements that elevate the overall look. She also posts floral arrangements and inspirational quotes that will definitely boost your feed.

Life as a Yacht Stew | @yacht_stew_lifestyle

As a chief stew who has been in the industry since 2010 sharing the hard work of the interior team, she certainly knows her themes and tables. Featuring an art table with Banksy, Salvador Dali, and Vincent Van Gogh to a photography table with photos from the trip, the tables look amazing and spark conversation as well.

Tableset.go | @tableset.go

Stewardess Hayleigh is sharing all things stew from napkin folds, cocktails, and tablescapes from charters on board. Whether it’s simple and classy or fun and adventurous like dino day, her posts are always on point. Plus, if it wasn’t evident from the brilliant punny Instagram handle, her wit and captions are top notch.

Sea Tables & Tales | @sea_tables_and_tales

Even though Chief Stewardess Jamie only recently started the account to share her creations and inspirations during her time working on board, she’s already knocking it out of the park with Sea Tables and Tales. From a recipe for an Amarula Espresso Martini and the benefits of an acai, strawberry, and banana smoothie to an Asian-themed lunch table, there’s sure to be more greatness to come.


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