Cyclops Marine Introduces Digital Direct Load Pins

1 April 2021By Laura Shaughnessy
Cyclops Marine Digital Direct Load Pins

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Laura Shaughnessy

Laura Shaughnessy is the former managing editor at Dockwalk. 

Sailing safely at sea is key — which is why load pins are crucial. Made to replace existing pins, they measure loads on standing rigging, such as forestays and shrouds. In doing so, this gives sailors valuable data they can use to optimize performance and avoid rig overload.

Cyclops Marine's Digital Direct Load Pins develop the load measurement within the pin, then amplifies and converts the data to a digital signal within the pin body. This creates the most stable and accurate data. “Cyclops’s Digital Direct Load Pins are different to traditional load pins already on the market,” says Ian “Chips” Howarth, CEO at Cyclops Marine. “Cyclops’ ones are supplied factory-calibrated — all calibrated parts are encased within the pin, which after simple installation outputs ‘Digital Direct’ load data, with no external housing or amplifier.” The pin can be installed independent of the N2K cable, making for an easier and simpler install.

Cyclops’s Digital Direct Load Pins are different to traditional load pins already on the market,” says Ian Howarth.

“Having the rig load data helps primarily in two ways,” says Howarth. “Firstly, if racing, it helps with your rig set up; the data enables you to know and understand the settings so you can optimize them for race mode. Secondly, there is a safety factor, knowing the loads that are going through your rig can prevent overloading it, which can result in a very costly incident or worse.”

The company also recently did a relaunch. “COVID has slowed the sea trials down and perhaps the process, but we are a company that relaunched in May 2020, so COVID has been part of our journey and we have adapted and evolved along the way,” Howarth says. Prices start from €1,200 per load pin.

This column is taken from the April 2021 issue of Dockwalk.


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