YachtAid Global Launches Operation Pearl for Philippines

4 January 2022 By Staff Report
Courtesy of YachtAid Global

Super Typhoon Odette/Rai struck the Philippines on December 16 with winds of more than 260 kilometers per hour, causing mass destruction, flooding, and casualties. In response to this, YachtAid Global (YAG) has launched Operation Pearl to provide emergency disaster relief to the archipelago.

YAG has been working with registered NGO partners on the ground to execute needs assessment and logistics planning for rapid distribution of critical life-saving supplies, including water depot filtration systems and filters, hygiene kits, health and nutrition packs, and emergency shelter supplies.

Courtesy of YachtAid Global

Images of the catastrophic damage from heavy rains, wind, and flooding shows decimated communities; damaged airports, hospitals, and clinics; blocked roads and bridges; and elimination of access to basic life necessities such as power, water, and communications. “Over two million lives are believed to be severely affected, hundreds of thousands have been left homeless, the death toll has risen to close to 400 lives and outbreaks of water-borne diseases due to the lack of clean water for drinking and sanitization is being reported across the islands,” according to YAG’s press release.

This super typhoon is one of the strongest to hit the nation in recent years. To donate to Operation Pearl and help the people of the Philippines, visit:


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