What If You Weren't Yacht Crew?

14 January 2021 By Aileen Mack

During those days and moments where you’re running on fumes, can’t remember the last time you felt well rested, or have to clean something that was perfect five seconds ago, you think you may lose it and just give up. It may be nice, or stressful depending on how you look at it, to think of what life would be like had you not become crew. Maybe you’d seek out a different adventure — or maybe you wouldn’t. What would you be doing if you weren’t crew?

“Studying photography, working for National Geographic or somewhere outside.”
Deckhand Freddie Foster

"I’d have fifteen bungalows in Thailand to rent out.”
Chief Officer Gabriele Boscolo

“An astronaut. I’d go to Mars. It’s more challenging.”
Deckhand Marko Valic

“IT. It’s something that always interested me. I was a professional gamer before doing this. Cybersecurity has also been an interest.”
Second Engineer Tristan

“Health insurance, which I did for two years, or start a company for provisioning for yachts.”
First Mate Jean-Claude Gentil