Hospitality Training Program The Academy Aims for Palatial Interior Standard

5 March 2024 By Staff Report

The Academy, a newcomer on Monaco’s luxury hospitality training scene, has announced an immersive new program for yacht crew that aims to bring a palatial standard of service to the interior.

Founded by Laurence Thary, The Academy sets a new benchmark in hospitality training by offering an immersive course taught on board or in the five-star Château Saint- Martin in the South of France by luxury hospitality professionals including Meilleurs Ouvriers de France and hotel experts.

“Many yacht owners, regardless of (yacht) size, often feel a profound lack of know-how among the interior crew. The yacht represents the ultimate symbol of luxury, so it is unthinkable that the service offered on board is not impeccable. The expectation must be at its highest level, and the logistics like a Swiss watch, that is to say: perfect,” says Laurence.

The program includes cultivating a “palace attitude,” mastering silver service, perfecting housekeeping practices, managerial training, and honing sommelier and mixology skills, with courses offered “à la carte” or as a seven-day program.

The Academy is endorsed by Jonathan Beckett, CEO of Burgess. “The industry has grown enormously over the past 20 years with more and more superyachts afloat and soon to be delivered — all needing first class crew,” he says. “The industry needs to constantly raise standards, and the ethos and intent of The Academy is to be a school of excellence. Nothing less than excellent will do!”


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