Marshall Islands Clarifies Engineer Certification Requirements

2 April 2024 By Staff Report

The Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) has simplified engineer certification requirements for yachts with multiple engines. Rather than requiring engineers to be certified for the total engine power aboard, RMI has updated its policy so engineer’s required qualification is based on the power of the strongest engine.

This change is defined in Marine Notice (MN) 7-038-2, Section A 2.19. It states, “The minimum required STCW kW limitation for engine officers (as listed on the MSMC) will be determined based on the single highest rated engine power in kW. This applies to RMI yachts only.”

The Professional Yachting Association shares, “This change streamlines the certification process for engineers working on multi-engine yachts under the RMI flag, while still maintaining safety standards. It allows qualified professionals to operate within their expertise while ensuring efficient operations for yacht owners.”


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