Marina Port Vell Barcelona Offers Medic Services

1 April 2021By Laura Shaughnessy
Marina Port Vell Barcelona
Courtesy of Marina Port Vell Barcelona

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Laura Shaughnessy

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At the beginning of February, Marina Port Vell Barcelona made a sealed agreement with Quirónsalud to offer their clients a 24-hour, premium medical service. Thanks to this partnership with Quirónsalud, the leading hospital group in Spain (as well as a major healthcare operator in Europe), all of the marina’s customers can enjoy premium healthcare coverage while staying in the marina, with 24-hour medical attention while staying at the facilities.

“This agreement represents a major milestone for us as we strive to enhance and guarantee our customers’ safety during their stay in the marina,” says Marketing & Communications Director Marta Tuñí, Marina Port Vell Barcelona. “It also underlines our firm pledge to [extend] our portfolio of quality services as a benchmark port for superyachts on the Mediterranean.”

“We are also implementing different initiatives for captains, such as an online wine tasting session,” says Marta Tuñí.

It has only been a few weeks since they introduced the service, and Tuñí reports that “So far there have been no cases requiring a doctor to visit. We are nevertheless very pleased because it has been very warmly welcomed by some customers, who have been very keen about being able to use this service as yet another safety and protection measure while staying in the marina.”

The marina is a base port for superyachts, with more than 150 berths and one of the world’s longest quays, measuring 440 meters. “It is therefore a benchmark on the Mediterranean and the ideal destination for mooring superyachts of up to 190 meters long,” Tuñí says. “We can also offer top-level services, as it is one of the world’s only marinas to be located right in the city center.”

Restaurants in Barcelona and Catalonia are currently operating as normal for breakfast and lunch, according to Tuñí, and visitors can enjoy the main cultural activities such as museums, theaters, and concerts with limited entrance — and all health guarantees provided. 

“Epidemiological data on COVID-19 in Catalonia and in the city of Barcelona indicate daily improvements,” says Marta Tuñí. 

In light of COVID-19, they are fully committed to preserving the marina’s operations while constantly observing every quality and safety standard for our customers and for our entire staff. Marina Port Vell has developed a contingency action plan, carefully detailed with all scenarios to prevent the spread of coronavirus in accordance with the recommendations of Catalonia government. “Epidemiological data on COVID-19 in Catalonia and in the city of Barcelona indicate daily improvements,” says Tuñí. “We are confident that the efforts we are making as a society to beat the virus will enable us to get back to normal in the coming months.”

At the marina, they’ve been able to resume their yoga classes and will soon be starting a running club. “We are also implementing different initiatives for captains, such as an online wine tasting session.”

For the first six months of 2021, the marina has launched an ambitious Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance plan to complement all the sustainability initiatives they have implemented in recent years. 

This column is taken from the April 2021 issue of Dockwalk.

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