Maison Del Gusto's Second Experiencing Excellence Program to be Held in Italy

15 March 2024 By Staff Report

Following the success of the inaugural Experiencing Excellence program in Norway, Maison Del Gusto (MDG) is hosting the second edition in the enchanting region of Altamura, Italy, from March 25 to 28, 2024. 

The program will take four superyacht chefs on a culinary journey full of immersive and enriching explorations of local gastronomy. Dockwalk is thrilled to be this year’s media partner and share the highlights and insights from the program.

Inspired by their belief in the central role of food and the importance of a connection between chefs and their ingredients, premier provisioner MDG aims to foster a community that is committed to the journey of culinary discovery. Through MDG Experiencing Excellence, chefs with diverse backgrounds and perspectives can unite over their shared passion for the culinary arts.

Reflecting on the first edition, co-founder Eli Ierardi shares that the program and its lasting memories transcended mere culinary exploration to foster a unique community, experiencing a dynamic exchange of ideas and traditions.

“These shared experiences have established a new benchmark for our aspirations in the culinary world, leaving a lasting impact on the local people and providing chefs with unforgettable experiences to enrich their culinary offerings,” she says.

Across three days, the 2024 program’s calendar features hands-on cooking sessions and tours that showcase the heritage and culinary treasures of Altamura, delving into the heart of Italian food culture and highlighting Maison Del Gusto’s commitment to culinary distinction. The four chefs among their clientele will come together to celebrate the art of food, where culinary traditions meet modern gastronomic innovations. This year’s chefs are Rhys Bennett, Ross Dunk, Margot Laurent, and Chun Wong.

“We chose Puglia, specifically Altamura, for our second edition due to its rich culinary heritage and the exceptional artisanal foods it offers, such as burrata and peperone crusco,” Eli says. “In this edition of the MDG Experiencing Excellence program, we highlight a region showcasing Italian culinary excellence. This is part of our broader mission to explore diverse global cuisines in future editions, connecting chefs with exceptional local producers and authentic ingredients, reflecting true culinary traditions.”

This year’s MDG Experiencing Excellence program includes a visit to a local butchery to dive into traditions like the Rizzola sheep, witnessing traditional bread making at a 19th century bakery, discovering the secrets of hard wheat processing and pasta production, and more.

“Our goal was to create a program that allows chefs to meet individuals with great soul and energy, understand new traditions, and explore innovative ingredients,” Eli says. “Each activity is designed to foster storytelling, exchange, and growth, thereby enhancing the MDG community and ensuring that our partners provide their guests with unparalleled culinary experiences.”

The journey finishes off with an evening where the chefs cook using inspiration from the experiences and ingredients they encountered during the program.

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