Crew with a Cause: LEJOG-ing

17 May 2016 By Steve Davis

Plenty of people think it, but few actually do it. Whether being part of disaster relief or raising awareness about debilitating diseases, giving your time and putting forth the effort is easier said than done. But when affected by a tragedy, the only question is, “What can I do?”

At Monaco Marine La Ciotat, crew dressed up to support First Officer Chris Durham and professional golfer Bill Hemstock, who have had loved ones affected by cancer, as they prepared to embark on a 1,000-mile journey to raise funds and bring awareness to the continuing efforts of cancer research — a charity bicycle ride from Lands End to John O’Groats (LEJOG) for Cancer Research UK.

More than 200 crew pitched in to raise more than €2,000 to show their fellow crewmembers that they care, too, and on May 4, after 10 and a half days, the two completed their road trip.

“We cycled a thousand miles in just over tens days, most days spending in excess of ten hours in the saddle,” says Durham. “It was a tough ten days, to say the least. There were numerous moments when you really had to dig deep to just keep on peddling, especially when the feeling in your hands and feet was long gone. Our drive to continue was certainly fueled by the incredible support and donations from everyone.”

With donations gathered through their JustGiving page as well as contributions from Monaco Marine, Freedom Maritime, and Neko Yacht Supply, the chaps have raised more than £8,000. “It’s been a truly awesome experience,” Durham says. “Bloody tough at times, but well worth it!”