Crew Created: Gatewood 36 Brings on the Sauce

24 April 2019 By Laura Dunn

Chef Terry Gatewood is a busy man. Besides being a full-time yacht chef aboard M/Y Just Enough, he’s busy branding himself on land with his new product, Gatewood 36 Sauce. “Being a chef is time-consuming and my top priority as it’s still important to me to be a chef and do a great job,” he says.

“Now it’s important to take the craft that I have been practicing for years and create an exciting new product that everyone can try.”

The sauce, which launched in February 2018 in Fort Lauderdale, is “a chef-created, small-batch sauce made with unique ingredients that are delicious and well-balanced with superior texture to enhance the flavors of beef, poultry, seafood, vegetables, or game.” And Chef Gatewood didn’t take the production process lightly. “I needed about a year to fine-tune the recipe, find a designer for the label, find the bottle that I wanted to use, and find a manufacturer who cooked and produced less than 150 gallons with Food and Drug Administration approval.”

For a while, he used to make a “homemade steak sauce” for his charter guests, and high-profile clients often would tell him that he should bottle and sell his own. Now that he has, Chef Gatewood soon wants to sell a line of special vinaigrettes and perhaps an enticing barbecue sauce, adding that, “Everyone has a barbeque sauce, so mine had better be good.”

Based on his new product, that won’t be a problem. “Customers tell me that this sauce is totally different than all of the other sauce they have tried. I read recipes and looked at the ingredient lists of the other popular sauces so that I could create a sauce with a unique, balanced flavor that was something I thought would sell.”

Eventually, Chef Gatewood hopes to sell the sauce everywhere, including in gourmet specialty stores across the U.S. Until then, you can follow Chef Gatewood and his company, Gatewood 36, on Instagram @gatewood36.official and you can order the Gatewood 36 Sauce for $10 a bottle at