Chances for Children: Yacht Donations to Aid Kids in Uganda

17 October 2019 By Aileen Mack

At the end of the season or when things become worn on board, it may be time for things to be replaced. Gabrielle Crump and her husband Russell Crump, who has been in the industry for 22 years as a sales manager and broker, were aware of this fact and wanted to see how the yachting sector’s wealth could benefit the children of their charity Chances for Children Foundation. This led to them creating the Yacht Goods Donation Program to Help Disadvantaged Kids in Uganda.

The Monaco- and UK-registered charity supports the organization and home they have in Kampala, Uganda’s capital, which cares for 55 orphan children between the ages of 6 and 18. These children were rescued from slums, hospitals, and churches, and now attend private school and live in a large-family environment.

The program welcomes donations of gently used towels, sheets, crew uniforms and clothing (including waterproof jackets and wet weather gear), shoes, medical kits, toiletries, recently out of date and any other products that are no longer needed on board. The items are sent through a shipping company in London who ensures the items are delivered safely to Uganda, managing shipping and customs clearance. To arrange transporting a donation, email Gabrielle at

“We are very open to foodstuffs too; of course, tins would be rather expensive to send through as they are quite heavy,” she says. “The children always like to try new things too, so the odd bags of sweets, etc., are always very popular!” Electronics are also welcome, but laptops need to be taken physically by Gabrielle as the transporters are not allowed to import them.

While they have not yet received any donations, Burgess, Fraser, Camper & Nicholsons, Superyachts Monaco, and Yachtzoo have joined the program so far.

“We believe that nobody in our industry thought that such contribution could make many children happy and reduce the waste we are all fighting,” says Kirsten Ringsing, Yachtzoo founding partner and broker.

“As leading participants in the luxury yacht business, Burgess is hugely aware of its social responsibilities and welcomes the opportunities that our privileged position places on us to support not only the environment through various Blue Ocean incentives, but also some extremely worthwhile associated causes such as C4C by encouraging our managed fleet to contribute to this important charity,” says Rupert Nelson, sales director at Burgess.

Prior to this program, they waited for the children’s sponsors to send them clothes for Christmas, and the local international school and expats give donations as well, but they are never enough. It’s always an expensive exercise buying for so many in one go, and the wear and tear is quite bad, Gabrielle says.     

“These children have literally come from having nothing, so they are incredibly grateful for everything that is given to them,” she says. “They always feel so much better when they get clothes in a good state and access to good items to use. It’s so good for their self-esteem.”

Their motto is always to be 100 percent transparent — every euro/donation goes to the kids, they don’t take administration fees, and if they sell any goods to buy something else, they communicate with the children what they sold them for and what was purchased with the funds. “We will be very happy to provide every yacht/donor with a personalized photo from the children to say thank you and any relevant paperwork to justify the donations and reassure that we are one hundred percent above board,” she says.

For those looking to learn more about the charity or make a monetary donation instead, visit: If donating items, Gabrielle mentions that they welcome any personal items that are unwanted by crew or anything extra during Christmas or the holidays.

Photos: Courtesy of Gabrielle Crump