Cayman Islands Shares Guidance for Ukrainian Crew

14 March 2022 By Aileen Mack
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The Cayman Islands Shipping Registry (CISR) has issued a guidance note offering advice to Ukrainian seafarers and all crew affected by the conflict unfolding in Ukraine.

Regarding Ukrainian crew on board Cayman Islands vessels, they can choose to extend their contracts past the original expiration dates. CISR will accept the extension of Ukrainian Seafarers Employment Agreements beyond the MLC limit of 11 months if requested by the crewmember. However, extensions should be documented and signed by the crewmember and captain or another company representative in advance of the original contract’s expiration. For those who don’t want an extension, “repatriation to a mutually agreed third country, subject to the immigration requirements of that country” should be offered, according to the note.

While the issuing authority for Certificates of Competency in Ukraine is unlikely to be operating as normal, CISR still recognizes those CoCs for service on Cayman Islands vessels and will continue to do so for expired Ukrainian CoCs after February 1, 2022 — given that the crewmember can show evidence they have been on board a vessel within the time frame that the CoC was valid. Applications for the endorsement of an expired Ukrainian CoC should be made through

The organization recognizes that the situation is constantly changing and will amend the note accordingly if necessary. 

If you need more assistance or confirmation regarding anything in their guidance note, contact the CISR directly at:

To read the Cayman Islands Shipping Registry guidance note in full, click here.


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