Amy Morley-Beavers

8 November 2016

It is with heavy hearts that we saygoodbye to a yachting colleague, a dear friend and long-time member of Dockwalk’s family, and a strong advocateand mentor in the yachting industry. Amy Morley Beavers of MaritimeProfessional Training passed away Saturday, November 5.

As vice president of regulatory compliance and the academicprincipal of Maritime Professional Training in Fort Lauderdale, Amy helped guidea multitude of crew on their path to a maritime career. She also wasinstrumental in shaping mariner credentialing, training, and certificationregulations as vice chairman of the Merchant Marine Personnel Advisory Committee,an appointment made through the Secretary of Homeland Security, and previouslyas vice president of the Maritime Education Standards Council. Amy shared herinsight through numerous speaking engagements, articles, and as the author of “AskAmy,” a monthly training column for Dockwalkthat began in 1998, the earliest stages of our publication.

For eighteen years, Amy has been part of our Dockwalk family, always quick with ananswer and eager to share her wisdom and experience with us as well as the manycrewmembers who passed through MPT or who simply had questions for her. Shewill be greatly missed at Dockwalkand our condolences go to her entire family.

Below is the Facebook post from MPT:

“It is with the heaviest and saddest ofhearts, that we share with all of you, that our beloved principal AmyMorley-Beavers has passed away. To everyone who knew her, she will beremembered as the bravest, smartest, passionate, most wonderful person. Hersmile will be with us always and she will be missed forever... by all of us atMPT, by MERPAC, by Coast Guard agencies around the world, by the countlessmariners and friends whose lives she touched. She was an inspiration to us all.She left this world Saturday, November 5, 2016 surrounded by her family andlove. Please contact MPT at 954-525-1014 or email Lisa at forinformation regarding memorial services.”

The service will be held Saturday, November 12, 11:30 a.m. at Rio Vista Community Church, 880 S. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale.

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[Image credit: September 2015 Facebook]