Acquera Launches AcqueraPro App to Simplify Cruising Operations

11 April 2024 By Holly Overton

Holly is the editor of Dockwalk. She grew up racing sailboats in England before switching to the world of superyachts and moving across the pond to Fort Lauderdale.

Superyacht agent Acquera Yachting has launched AcqueraPro, a new desktop platform designed to streamline cruising operations for captains and crew.

From budgeting cruising expenses to booking berths, accessing port information and creating itineraries, everything can be managed within a single application.

The tool allows users to budget their port of call costs more accurately in the Mediterranean, including berth fees, agency fees, pilots, etc. “AcqueraPro changes the way of working. Our digital platform cuts out processes and introduces efficiency and transparency for the yacht, giving immediate access to all tariffs,” says Alvise Tositti, chief strategy officer at Acquera.

AcqueraPro solves another problem: paperwork. It simplifies the often-painful process of form-filling by auto-generating all the necessary digital documents required by port authorities. This helps eliminate red tape, which was the impetus behind the platform’s creation.

AcqueraPro simplifies the often-painful process of form-filling  by auto-generating didigtal documents required by port authorities.

“There is a lot of possibility to innovate and improve the status quo of service given. This is our goal at Acquera, to try to bring more innovation and more digital combined with a local presence on the ground to give a new type of service level,” says Alvise.

Beyond operational efficiency, AcqueraPro can also curate tailor-made experiences to explore local attractions. The platform also features a direct in-platform chat function, enabling users to communicate with local agents regardless of their location, thus enhancing the overall service experience.

The app is loaded with information from more than 150 cruising hotspots in the Mediterranean. A free trial is available at


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