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Recommendations for Entry-Level Interior Crew

21 June 2021 By Aileen Mack
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With different owners, itineraries, and capabilities, no two yacht programs are exactly alike. While most departments have more regimented training tracks, the interior has no mandated interior training. Dockwalk Editor Lauren has been interviewing crewmembers live on our Instagram @dockwalk about yachting and what advice or qualifications they recommend for entry-level interior crew. Here’s what they said:

“When I personally joined the industry, I only had what you needed to have, which was obviously your STCW and ENG1. I had a big hospitality background anyway so that kind of obviously gave me a step forward. But I would say for crew now to definitely do some of these amazing courses that are on the market. Anything from wine knowledge or cocktail making, there’s so many courses out there now.” 

Chief Stewardess Gemma Harris

“The mandatory [qualifications] like STCW, PSA, and PDSD, and if they are coming from a background with less hospitality experience, some service training would really help. I completed some PYA GUEST-accredited programs. And we covered lots of subjects [on] being a stewardess and then becoming competent in all aspects of interior department, such as housekeeping services, valet services, and food & beverage service management.” 

Chief Stewardess Adelina Magnea

“For anyone looking to join the industry on the interior side of things, if you’ve had a hospitality background, then I think doing the STCW and ENG1 is sufficient. If you don’t have that background, then doing the interior courses is worthwhile just to be a bit more comfortable when you join and to have that confidence when you first start off on a boat.”

Chief Stewardess Gaby Welch

“Before you get into yachting, you need to know your answer on why. So do your research. It’s not like the Below Deck that everybody watches. There’s a lot more to it. It’s about passion [and] knowing things and products. It’s not only certifications. Especially if you’re going interior, know your wines, know your hospitality, know little extras, and that whole package will make you from a greenie into a super steward/ess.”  

Hotel Manager Manon de Wit

This article originally ran in the June 2021 issue of Dockwalk.

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