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11 Theme Night Ideas for Halloween

26 October 2022 By Aileen Mack
Friday the 13th themed table
Friday the 13th table
Credit: @yachtstarfire

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While crew don’t need to wait for Halloween to dress up on board and get festive, sometimes you need another reason to break out all your different options. For the upcoming spooky season, you can set out some pumpkins, ghosts, and candy and call it a day. Or you can take it up a notch and draw inspiration from these killer themes (pun intended) on All Hallows’ Eve.

Murder Mystery Night

Create an air of mystery with a night full of fun and games as your guests investigate to try to figure out who is the murderer. Don’t make it too easy!

Mad Hatters’ Tea Party

Embrace the opportunity to go a little mad by attending the tea party as your favorite Alice in Wonderland character or simply in your fanciest tea party attire.

Black-Tie Casino

Channel your inner James Bond, break out some cards, bow ties, and dice as you see if lady luck is on your side.

Friday the 13th

Halloween is on the 31, which is 13 backwards, so that’s enough of a connection to bring this chilling theme aboard. Make sure you check everywhere for Jason, just in case.


Dress up like your favorite superhero as you save the world from evil (or at least from lousy table service). Just try not to wreak too much havoc during the evening.

90s Throwback

Take a trip back in time to enjoy all those 90s trends unironically — get your 90s fashion, music, and games all cued up for an evening of fun.


It’s never too late to learn your spells and become a proper wizard or witch by visiting Hogwarts. Bring it all to your dinner table — just steer clear of the Whomping Willow.

Midsummer’s Night Dream

The Bard deserves your best, so channel your best Shakespearean vibe and mischievousness as fairies from the beloved play.

Classic Halloween

Halloween provides the ultimate theme inspiration, but if dressing up is not in the cards, you can still bring some spooky vibes with pumpkins, candy corn, ghosts, and bones.

The Roaring 20s

Take a step back in time and unearth those Great Gatsby vibes when you bring back the roaring 20s on board for the evening.


You probably have tons of decorative items with a tropical twist. Make use of all of it on board and take everyone to Polynesia — in spirit, anyway.


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