What Yacht Crew Love about the Job

11 November 2020 By Aileen Mack
Yacht crewmember on board yacht

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With the current state of the world and all that’s going on, sometimes it can be easy to get lost in the misery and negativity of it all. Sure, restrictions may have stopped you from seeing certain places, or the season was pretty much canceled for your boat. But at the end of the day, there are still aspects of the job that are truly unlike anything else. Dockwalk Editor Lauren has been interviewing crew on our Instagram @dockwalk and chatting about the industry and their stories. Here’s some of what they’ve said they love most about of their job:

“On the plus side, I would say, you do make some incredible bonds with the people you work with and in no other way that you normally would be able to.”  
Deckhand Patrick Levitzke

“The teamwork — when you work with an amazing stewardess team, watching them have their little creations. It’s nice to see everything coming together and the final product, the experience watching guests leave happy is very satisfying.”
Chief Stewardess Tracey Bamforth

“For me, it’s traveling to different places, getting new products, different cuisines all over the world, and getting to play with it. Meeting different people and cultures, [and] talking to people. It brightens up my day figuring out new things like that.”
Chef James Howard

“Being on the boat in the ocean and being able to jump in the water every day is amazing. But definitely the crew; the people I work with make the job ten times better. I feel if you had the worst job in the world, but the people are the best, it just makes it all the better."
First Mate Britt Daniels

This column is taken from the November 2020 issue of Dockwalk.

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