Q&A with First Mate Cameron Green

2 November 2023 By Aileen Mack

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Name: Cameron Green
Position: First Mate
Yacht: M/Y No Bad Ideas
LOA: 39.6M/130'
Builder: Westport
Time in current position: Less than a year
Time in industry: Five years
Previous vessel: M/Y Calliope and M/Y Laurel
Nationality: South African

My career goal in yachting is to continue serving as a mate while also pursuing my passion for photography and videography.

After completing my college education, I was introduced to yachting by my girlfriend. I spent two months dayworking while staying in a crew house. It was during my third month of daywork that a coincidence happened: My girlfriend secured a job on a vessel in West Palm Beach, unaware it happened to be the same vessel I had dayworked on for a month. Two weeks later, the deckhand was leaving, and my CV was forwarded to the captain, resulting in our first couples’ job together.

If I weren’t on a yacht, I would pursue a freelance career as a graphic/web designer. I do freelance work between charters and boss trips, and I aspire to specialize in catering to the unique needs of the yachting industry.

First Mate Cameron Green of M/Y No Bad Ideas

One of the most challenging aspects is managing and adapting to the multitude of personalities on board. Effectively navigating this involves the art of expressing one’s ideas, needs, and concerns in a clear and concise manner while upholding an atmosphere of respect and non-confrontation.

My advice to aspiring individuals looking to get started would be to demonstrate perseverance, showcase their creativity to distinguish themselves from other applicants, and maintain a determined attitude throughout the process.

Additional qualifications and skills bring added value to the vessel and the team. They broaden one’s knowledge base, enabling the sharing of expertise with fellow crewmembers and enhancing the overall experience for both crew and guests on board.

The value of teamwork and collaboration is the most significant lesson I have learned on board. Working closely with fellow crew in a confined environment necessitates effective communication, trust, and cooperation.

The aspect I enjoy the most is witnessing guests’ reactions when they see the photos and videos that I have created for them. It is incredibly rewarding to see their satisfaction.

One valuable tip I have is to view yourself as a brand. Effectively marketing and promoting your personal brand through creativity and innovation can contribute to your success in the industry.

This article was originally published in the August 2023 issue of Dockwalk.


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