Q&A with Sous Chef Lorena Campo

29 November 2021 By Staff Report

Colombian Sous Chef Lorena Campo of a 60-meter-plus Lürssen motor yacht on why cooking is a joy.

I became a yacht chef at the beginning of this year, so I’m very new. It all started when a yacht chef friend talked to me about all he did, and I was very impressed by everything he told me. So, while I was studying in Barcelona, walking by the marina every day and seeing all the beautiful boats at dock, it got me thinking, “Why not do it?” My passion is cooking and traveling to amazing places; it was just the best combination and opportunity.

I studied culinary arts in Argentina, started my own small catering in Panama, and then specialized in Barcelona. I was very lucky to work with amazing professors and chefs that gave the best knowledge and confidence to succeed as a professional.

What I love the most about being a chef on board is seeing the joy food brings to guests and the crew. I’m very thankful I have an amazing crew that really enjoys my cooking — that just makes every hard day worth it.

The most difficult part of the job is using your time wisely — I just wish the day had more hours. I’ve learned time management; you just need to plan out to get everything done by multitasking.

My style of cooking is very fresh, tropical, and Latin American. I love cooking Latin food for my multicultural crew and also being challenged by them to cook their favorite plates from their countries. I learn everyday. Fusion is my favorite cuisine. I love mixing flavors, spices, sauces, and new produce into traditional cuisines. The final product will always blow your mind.

My favorite dish to cook would be Ajiaco, which is a traditional, unique Colombian dish. This hearty soup uses three types of Andean potatoes, chicken, corn, and a Colombian herb called Guascas. You will never go wrong with this one; everyone loves it (and it brings me closer to home). If you are ever in Colombia don’t miss out on the opportunity to try this dish.

My ideal guest would be someone willing to try different flavors and culinary techniques so I can be very creative and make amazing food for them.

At the moment, I haven’t really received any strange requests. However, I’ll say that even though we work in a very luxurious industry and have access to the most unique and expensive produce, there are guests that would be very content with a simple Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. Every day is a new surprise.

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This column is taken from the November 2021 issue of Dockwalk.


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