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Ask Captain Kelly: Who Do I Go to about Problems with the Captain?

15 April 2024 By Staff Report

“It’s no secret that our captain does drugs on board. And it’s not just that, he also has a young second stew joining in with him. Who do I go to about this?”

Let me first say that I am so sorry you are having to deal with this and thank you for bringing this forward. Normally, I would say your first stop should be the captain, but in this instance, I am quite sure you will be met with resistance. But having said that, he is likely abusing drugs because there is a much deeper problem. So, try going to him and seeing if there is something you can do to help. It’s quite possible that just your care and concern is just the nudge that he needs to know he’s worthy and needs help. If not, you must go to the management, or if that offers no resolve, the owner.

Also, reach out to the young second stew. I find that oftentimes young crew are easily influenced and feel that the captain can do no wrong, and siding with them is a sure way to advancement, but these actions are life-altering. He is also abusing his power as a captain, and this should not be tolerated either.

After you have gone to management and/or the owner, make sure to follow up to see that action has been taken. Another option is flag state, and they should be made aware as you notify management too. Understand that the accusations you are making are serious and career-altering for both people involved. If you have evidence, share it. If not, you must leave; you’re not in a safe place and there are plenty more boats out there that would love to have you a part of the team.

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