Yachting Gives Back to Community for Thanksgiving

12 October 2021 By Aileen Mack
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During Thanksgiving, many take a moment to be grateful for what they have, and some recognize that some people may have less, like former Chief Stewardess Randi Barry and Capt. Daryn Dalton. So last year, they raised funds to provide Thanksgiving feasts to five single-parent families in Fort Lauderdale, wanting to show their home-away-from-home some love. For this year, they’re collecting money to deliver feasts to seven families who would otherwise go without, with a plan to incrementally add more boxes each year.

They’ve partnered with local non-profit Taylor’s Closet again to distribute Blue Apron turkey boxes, which include mashed potatoes, gravy, Brussel sprouts, and an apple crumb pie. Blue Apron is designed to teach people how to cook new recipes, introduce them to seasonal, farm-fresh ingredients, and reduce food waste by sending the exact ingredients needed.

The meals will be delivered to seven young female teenage leaders in South Florida who are actively involved in helping coach and empower their peers. Taylor’s Closet supports young leaders by providing a safe space for students and assisting them in reaching their goals, like giving away $50,000 in scholarships to graduating seniors and past alumni.

“Thanks to the generosity from yacht crew around the world, we were able to help those girls feel cared about,” the couple says. “Especially in a time when a global pandemic was causing isolation and national politics was causing division, they were able to know there are people out there thinking about them while they came together with their families and bond over comforting meals.”

“[The yachting community] experiences so much wealth and extravagance and to be able to let some of that trickle down into our base here in Florida really does benefit everyone."

Each box is $120, so their current goal is $840 to cover the purchase. Any extra funds raised will be donated to Poverello in Wilton Manors, which delivers food directly to homeless people and provide nutritious meals to those in poverty.

While Dalton initially came up with the idea for the Thanksgiving boxes, Barry wanted to include the donation of excess funds into this year’s drive. She’s brought unwanted items and non-perishable food to the Poverello Thrift Store and Food Bank respectively.

“[The yachting community] experiences so much wealth and extravagance and to be able to let some of that trickle down into our base here in Florida really does benefit everyone. I was homeless for a period as a teenager and so my heart is to give back to those who are currently stuck in a situation I once was in myself,” she says. “To do the things for others that I wish people would have done for me. To just have a meal that day is one less thing you have to worry about when you are trying to navigate your way out of a sometimes complicated situation.”

They also shared messages from the recipient families last year: “Me and my mom were excited to get the package especially because it had the recipes and ingredients for us so [that] we could cook the meals together. We are so grateful to have been chosen to receive the package.” Another recipient said: “I just want to thank you guys for the Thanksgiving meals. My family and I truly enjoy the food and are very grateful to have an opportunity like this from you guys. It means a lot to me, and I just want to say I appreciate everything you’ve done for my family and I. Thank you for making our Thanksgiving an even better one.”

To stay involved with seeing the food gets directly to those who need it most, the couple tracked the Thanksgiving hampers last year from Blue Apron to each home. This year, Barry plans to do her best with shopping deals with the remaining funds to get food to Poverello and encourages anyone who has non-perishables that are not expired to take them to Poverello on Dixie Highway in Wilton Manors.

To donate to the cause, visit:

The GoFundMe will be open until November 20 to allow time to purchase goods for Poverello with the remaining funds.


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