Crew of 85m M/Y Victorious Involved in 16-hour Search and Rescue Mission

19 December 2022By Holly Overton
Crew of 85m M/Y Victorious involved in 16-hour search and rescue mission

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Holly Overton

Holly is the online editor of our sister website She grew up sailing dinghies on the south coast of England before switching to the world of superyachts.

The crew of the 85-meter M/Y Victorious has been involved in a 16-hour search and rescue mission after responding to a distress call in the North Atlantic Ocean. 

The yacht was en route to St Martin in the Caribbean last week when its crew received a mayday call from a 15-meter catamaran that had capsized 500 miles from shore. 

After a 16-hour search, the crew of Victorious discovered all five survivors in a life-raft just after midnight local time. They were brought on board and assessed for injuries. Some of the five passengers suffered from head injuries and broken ribs.

The crew was led by Capt. Petar Milkov and Chief Officer Emily Grassby. Detailing the ordeal on social media, Grassby said: “I am so incredibly proud of the crew I am blessed to work with for their part in making this a success story. Everyone did their duty. This will have a lifelong positive impact on me and puts into perspective what’s important.”


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