Provisioning in Oz and New Zealand

10 January 2012 By Kara Murphy, By Jeanette Tobin

Australia and New Zealand offer culinary delights to tickle the taste buds of any guest on board, but you have to know where to find them. These provisioners will help you be sure your galley is stocked with not only local delights, but also the usual noshing necessities.

Bowen mangoes, Moreton Bay bugs, South Australian shiraz, Tasmanian pinot noir, Coffin Bay oysters, Hervey Bay scallops, barramundi, pearl oyster meat from Broome, kangaroo, crocodile, Gympie goat cheese, Bruny Island otto, Buderim ginger, Humble Pies and Lamingtons are among the many items the owner and guests may want to sample while cruising Australia.

Fortunately, Australia has superyacht support agents who can assist you with provisioning local as well as far flung fare in ports with gourmet shops nearby as well as in more remote locations.

Sydney-based Australasian Superyacht Services (ASS) can provide provisioning in just about any area you’d require, with agency concierges in cities around Australia, including Sydney, Hobart, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Cairns, Fremantle, Darwin, Exmouth and Broome.  ASS has a sommelier on duty for alcoholic necessities, a menu of food items and also allows custom orders.

Murray Hird of North Australia Superyacht Services says that the ASS group covers the remote ‘Top End’ of Australia and into Western Australia if needed, although, “given the distances involved and the tropical climate, provisioning in Darwin is a very wise move.”

Major Yacht Services is another Sydney-based business that can help with provisions throughout Australia.

If, on occasion, you want to deal directly with local suppliers, the various super yacht industry groups have members who might be able to help. For example, the Super Yacht Group Great Barrier Reef website has a provisioning services page that lists local gourmet butchers, delicatessens, seafood markets, and more. And some of Superyacht Australia’s members also offer provisioning.

Australians adore their local food markets, and it’s worth checking with the marina (or simply Googling) to see if you happen to be in port on a market day. Markets are fun places to sample and pick up regional produce as well as seafood, meats, smelly cheeses and other surprising treats.

For starters, check out the Jan Power’s Farmers Market in Brisbane, the Rapid Creek Markets in Darwin, the Adelaide Central Market, the Pyrmont Growers’ Market in Sydney, and the Salamanca Market in Hobart.

For those of you lucky enough to be spending time in New Zealand, a sensory overload awaits you in Aotearoa. From aromatic local wines to succulent fresh seafood, a vast array of both local and international cuisines is aplenty.

New Zealand’s beef and lamb are a favorite amongst many visiting chefs with local butchers providing mouth-watering cuts to satisfy the most hardy of guests and don’t forget the wild boar and venison. Local fresh fish — such as snapper, blue cod, scallops and crayfish, to name but a few — are available every day from the markets. Fresh local fruits are in abundance and are organically grown, along with the vast array of fresh vegetables. New Zealand also boasts award winning and extensive cheeses and wines, which are readily available and at a reasonable cost.

Superyacht Support of New Zealand has plenty of experience sourcing and providing top quality food provisions for your stay both on New Zealand waters or delivered to you in and around the Pacific Islands.

Provisioning in Auckland is a breeze with the supermarket at the end of the street offering fantastic product.  Daily deliveries from the produce, meat and deli companies are available.  

And even once outside of Auckland, it’s still relatively easy to provision. Daily deliveries around the North Island to the Bay of Islands, Waiheke Island and Great Barrier Island are available with some notice. The South Island is a bit more difficult as the vessels are quite often remote and tprovisions are flown in on a sea plane, but anything can be done with some planning.

Superyacht Support’s extensive provisioning list provides you with an abundance of options. Most food items can be sourced here in New Zealand – and if we can’t find that specific product you most desperately need we will offer you a suitable alternative!  We will deliver direct to you whether on the dock in Auckland, Bay of Islands, Marlborough Sounds, Fiordland or a location within the Pacific Islands.

For further information on provisioning with Superyacht Support, contact at or 0064 21 243 0233.