Penthouse on the Water: M/Y Forever's Before & After

8 August 2019 By Laura Dunn

M/Y Forever went through a complete nine-month transformation that wrapped up last July at Logica Yachts in Viareggio, Italy. The 148-foot motor yacht’s refit was completed by the team at St. Corona Interiors, who gutted the vessel. “We decided to keep the layout of the yacht, and only updated the bathrooms and crew area,” Head of Design Michael Niederer says. “The rest of the yacht, however, was changed completely.”

A lot of the work went into the new lighting concept, which Niederer says was his favorite upgrade. They used materials that evoke a cool feeling, which was important when planning the lighting. “During the day, the cool colors and harsh white works well to contrast the heat of the sun and hot breeze,” he says. “At night, the lights turn much warmer, highlighting the nuances of colors in the stone, and creating a cozy atmosphere on the water.”

Another major change was the new bar, which was built out of large Onyx slates. Niederer explains that the Onyx bar is backlit with the full color spectrum, letting the slates glow and radiate in different colors — matching the music. “In combination with the laser show, smoke machines, and 35,000-watt sound system, you can transform the yacht to party boat with the simple flick of a switch.”

St. Corona Interiors and the owner have worked together before: “We renovated a chalet for him in the Austrian Alps. As he was so pleased with the outcome there, he decided to give us full control of the rebuild and free rein to make all decisions,” he says.

And it is little wonder. “Through this refit, we managed to change the entire experience one has while spending time on the yacht,” Niederer says. “Through the use of resin concrete floors, stone walls, and mirrors all around the yacht, we transformed Forever from a boat to something [that] feels like a penthouse on the water.”

The designer says the owner was elated by the outcome. “He kept on saying that he doesn’t recognize the yacht he bought anymore. I am now frequently invited to go on trips with the owner, so I guess he really is quite happy with the outcome.”

As a true believer in team work, Niederer gives credit where credit is due. “This rebuild wouldn’t have been possible without all the teamwork involved. I want to thank my mother who joined the company and is always a sounding board for me,” he says. “Together with the design team, the craftsman in Italy, and the captain of the Yacht Thomas Donati, we managed to achieve a marvelous rebuild in the fastest time.”

was also nominated in Boat International Media’s World Superyacht Awards in the Rebuilt/Refit/Conversion yacht category

Below: The designer: “The mirrors bring the reflection of the water into the interior of the yacht, creating a truly immersive experience,” says Michael Niederer. “The pattern of the 36-foot-tall stone wall behind the dining table is reflected in the custom-made carpet.”

Photos: Courtesy of St. Corona Interiors