Natural Remedies

29 July 2010 By Joanne MacKenzie

Nausea comes from the word nais, the Greek word for ship. And as you may know, seasickness is probably the most common onboard illness.

Rather than grabbing for a bottle of Pepto as soon as you feel the first rumbling in your stomach, try some of these natural remedies for various ailments.

A simple way to relieve nausea: twist an orange peel and sniff it. Eating crackers will help absorb acid in your stomach and cola will help settle it. One captain swears by green apples to fight the nausea and recommends to stay hydrated. For some people, just sipping water is good, but others insist dry cereal, mashed potatoes or bananas will do the trick. Marshmallows can also quell a gurgling tummy, as they help in digestion and soothe stomach cramps.

One chef says the best remedy for nausea, and a lot of other illnesses, is ginger. She also says, “Whether it’s ginger beer, candy or cookies or raw ginger steeped in a tea, it’s good for nausea, bad digestion and, mixed with honey, good for a cough.” A little ginger juice mixed with hot milk and brown sugar is the perfect concoction for crew who are feeling under the weather.

There are other things found in the galley that prove to be natural remedies. For a cough, try chewing on whole cardamom or get rid of a sore throat by gargling with water mixed with cayenne pepper. It’s a natural anti-inflammatory.

Peppermint prevents gas and helps digestion. It’s also a natural antifungal, antibacterial and antiseptic.

Feeling low? Try eating a banana. It’s an instant mood lifter.

Are your lips chapped from too much work in the sun? Try cooling them down with slices of cucumber.

For instant headache relief, drink Gatorade or inhale vapors from boiling water and vinegar. Natural lavender oil also can soothe an aching head and a little on your pillow will help you sleep, too. The mixtures of warm milk with honey and nutmeg or just water and honey are natural sedatives.

Eating avocado mixed with a little lemon juice is said to be far more effective than mouthwash for Halitosis. Any raw juices will have a similar effect.

Have heartburn or indigestion? Try fresh radishes. The chlorine in radishes helps eliminate extra acidic content from the blood. Chamomile, lemon juice and ginger quash heartburn and indigestion.

Two or three drops of garlic juice in your ear can provide relief from an earache. Lay down on the opposite side so that the juice penetrates in the ear. Basil oil or onion juice will have similar effects. If the ear is blocked, try pouring in a little olive oil to clear the blockage.

To get rid of a scar, try rubbing it with raw garlic. Lemon peel, olive oil or an oatmeal- and water-paste also are said to work.

Have problems with your sinuses? Try eating more mangoes or inhaling the scent of cumin seeds wrapped in a bit of cheesecloth.

What do you do if you get a toothache at sea? One chef recommends rubbing your gums with a whole clove of garlic or a piece of raw onion.

A raw onion can also be used to treat a burn. Just cut it and apply to the burn to take the heat out of it.

If you cut yourself while at sea, one captain says try superglue.